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When to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in Siberia and what can be planted together


Growing tomato crops in this region is accompanied by certain difficulties. Tomatoes are best cultivated in protected ground, because the harsh climatic conditions can be a hindrance to their normal development. But even in these conditions, it is possible to obtain good yields, if all the tips developed directly for the area are followed exactly. When to plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in Siberia later in our article.

Terms for planting tomatoes in a greenhouse in Siberia

If the greenhouse does not have heating and is not intended for growing crops all year round, then planting tomatoes without a seedling method, directly from the seeds, will not work even in the middle regions of Russia. And what about the northern territories, Siberia? A short summer for full cultivation will simply not be enough. So with the onset of spring, you should purchase seeds and all the preparations necessary to plant the seedlings.

Sowing is carried out in a moist prepared soil composition. The boxes are covered with plastic wrap, placed in a warm place. As soon as sprouts begin to appear, the boxes are transferred to the window sill or they are arranged for additional lighting.

During the period of growth, seedlings spike twice. The first transplant is performed at the stage of the second - third leaf, the shoots are transferred to cups of ten-centimeter diameter. The second picking is done in two weeks, and the tanks are two to five centimeters in diameter more.

After the second dive, seedlings begin to harden, preparing to plant in a greenhouse or open ground. To this end, in warm weather, it is exposed to the street or to the loggia, windows are opened to teach the seedlings to lower temperature conditions and exposure to sunlight.

Перечные кустики можно высадить вдоль помидорных грядок. Культура будет надежное защищена от тли запахом томатных растений. Очереднйо вариант размещения культур: с одной стороны находятся томаты, с другой - перчики.

Перец плохо переносит засушливость воздуха и резкие температурные перепады.

Лучшие соседи томатов по теплице (парнику)

Growing vegetables in the greenhouse, take into account their demands on the temperature and humidity.

Onion has an excellent compatibility with tomatoes, as it does not differ in particular requirements to conditions. You can plant early cabbage, which ripens quickly and will not interfere with tomato bushes.

The next decision is to place strawberry beds together with tomatoes in order to feast on ripe berries in the spring. But in this case, the varieties of tomatoes should be nickled, so as not to shade berry bushes.

Even if there is enough space, sometimes you should combine some planting in the same greenhouse.

Some try to sow corn, but it must be located on the north side so as not to block sunlight for the tomatoes.

And this table shows tomato compatibility and poor neighborhood:

VegetablesGood neighborhoodBad neighborhood
BeansCorn, celery, savory, cucumbers, radishes, strawberriesOnion and garlic
BeetCabbage, broccoli, lettuce, onion, garlicBeans
White cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sproutsBeets, chard, potatoes, celery, dill, lettuce, onions, spinachbeans
CarrotLegumes, TomatoesNot
CeleryBeans, Tomatoes, CabbageNot
CornCucumbers, watermelons, pumpkin, peas, beans, pumpkinTomatoes
CucumbersBeans, corn, peas, cabbageNot
EggplantBeans, PeppersNot
MelonCorn, pumpkin, radish, zucchiniNot
BowBeets, carrots, chard, lettuce, pepperLegumes
PeasBeans, cucumbers, turnips, carrots, corn, radishes.Onion garlic
PotatoesBeans, Corn, PeasTomatoes
ZucchiniCorn, melon, pumpkinNot
TomatoesCarrots, celery, cucumbers, onions, peppersCorn, Kohlrabi, Potatoes