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Characteristic and description of tomato variety novice


Tomato Novice - a real find, both for experienced gardeners, and for beginners. The variety is fruitful, suitable for greenhouses and open ground, the harvest is harvested right up to the most frost. The description and characteristics of this variety of tomato can be found below.

Tomato novice pink

Tomato Novice pink

The tomato is derived by Russian breeders. The fruits are red and pinksimilar in taste. Consider a tomato novice pink.


The variety is mid-season, it takes about 100-110 days from transplanting to fruit ripening, Beginner pink is grown in glass, polycarbonate greenhouses and in the open field. Tomato is resistant to many diseases.

Productivity can reach 10-15 kg from one square meter.

Ripe fruits become pink. Tomatoes weighing 100-150 grams, small oval shape.

Variety description

The bush is compact with an average amount of leaves 60-90 cm tall. Tying up and removing stepchildren is required. After 5-6 sheets, the first brush begins to form.. In a brush about 6-7 tomatoes. The second brush is formed after 1-2 sheets.

The color of tomato fruits Novice red or pink, and, in their characteristics, they do not differ among themselves

Tomatoes are oval-shaped, soft, even, fleshy, have excellent taste. Suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages are the following:

  • High yielding grade
  • Great taste qualities
  • Good leanness, transportation of fruits is possible
  • Versatility: used fresh, suitable for canning
  • Cold resistance and drought tolerance
  • Maturation fruit friendly
  • Opportunity to grow in all types of greenhouses and in the open ground
  • Tomatoesdo not overripe and do not crack

According to reviews of people involved in the cultivation of this tomato, no beginnings pink variety revealed. The only minor drawback is that the lack of dressings can negatively affect the taste and yield of the tomato.

Growing points

Special rules for the care of the variety Beginner does not exist

Special techniques for growing have been identified, Novice undergoes the same procedure as the rest of the tomatoes. Like every variety, this type of tomatohas a number of featuresthat must be considered in the process of growing.


For a tomato, there are no special ways of growing other varieties. The complex of activities includes: soil preparation, planting material, planting, planting, regular maintenance, harvesting.

Growing up: a step by step process

Growing from tomato seed Novice pink consists of the following steps:

  1. First you need prepare seed. In order for the seeds to germinate together, it is necessary to weed out the poor ones. This is done like this:
    • 0.5 tsp. salts dissolve in 0.5 Art. water
    • Dip seeds into solutionleave for 15 minutes
    • After 15 minutes, the seeds that fell to the bottom to select (surfaced can be thrown awaythey are substandard)
    • Rinse seeds clean water, dry
    • To cook pink manganese solution, lower the seeds for 20 minutes
    • Rinse clear water
For a friendly shoot of tomato seed, Novice needs to reject and disinfect them
  1. Seed material is ready. Getting to the preparation of the soil. The easiest way to buy ready-made soil in the storee. It already contains all the elements necessary for the growth and development of seedlings.
  2. Preparation of container. Various pots, wooden and plastic boxes are used, juice boxes, yogurt cups and sour cream will do.
  3. In the container pour the soil, water, at a distance of 2-3 cm lay the seedssprinkled with soil on top
  4. After 5-10 days shoots appear, optimum germination temperature of 23-26 degrees
  5. Diving shootswhen three true sheets appear
  6. Planted seedlingswhen the threat of frost has passed
Scheme of planting tomatoes in open ground
Tomato Novice heat-loving variety, it is necessary to monitor the temperature regime.


Grade Care Beginner also includes a number of standard procedures.:

  • Watering
  • Loosening
  • Weed removal
  • Top dressing phosphoric and potash

Pest and disease control measures

Tomato Novice pink is disease resistant, but still, prevention is necessary observe proper watering and temperature conditions, do top dressing.

In greenhouses, plants can be affected. phytophthora diseasein which the leaves are covered with brown spots. To deal with it will help special drugs sold in stores.

Slugs and spider mite attack plants in the open field. A soap solution or a chilli pepper solution will help fight them.

From aphids use tobacco dust, infusion of garlic. Colorado beetle afraid of dill, it is enough to plant dill around the perimeter.

Tomato Novice pink is a wonderful variety that allows you to grow a great harvest. The process of growing is not complicated and time consuming., suitable even for people who have never engaged in the cultivation of tomatoes.