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Characteristics and description of the potato variety lyubava


Potato variety Lyubava is popular among our gardeners, thanks to its properties it included in the state register of the Russian Federation in the West Siberian region.

Potato variety Lyubava

It has many advantages, but if you do not take care of planted potatoes, the crop is not obtained.


The variety is early ripe the maturation of tubers is only 70 days. This short period guarantees a double yield from one plot. If you need to get early potatoes, then the planting material is taken out from the storage place in advance, as the potatoes are germinated for 1.5 months.

Early ripe potatoes Lyubava

An unpretentious variety is also considered an important characteristic. Therefore, it can be planted on any soil. With a general drought in the region, the potato yield does not decrease much. Together formed tubers and give a great harvest. Yields of up to 524 centners per hectare are marked..

Variety suitable for widespread cultivation.


Shrubs with proper care reach average height and stems grow semi-upright. It blooms red-purple flowers. The skin of tubers is of medium thickness in red.

Potato color Lyubava

The tubers themselves are oval-shaped with rounded edges. Tuber rarely located eyes, which lie on the surface. The average weight of tubers in one bush 110-215 g. This variation in weight is due to the uneven tying of tubers on the root system. The flesh is white and contains 14.5% starch.

The variety is for table use and is very good at preparing various home cooking dishes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tubers grow large, flat, rounded-oval, with appetizing white flesh that does not darken during cooking.

It has many positive qualities among them.:

  • Great taste tubers, both during cooking and frying;
  • Large tubers, aligned to size;
  • Output of commodity tubers reaches 95%;
  • Early formation and fruit ripening;
  • Resilient to various diseases;
  • Simplicity to external natural stimuli;
  • Drought resistant.

Among the disadvantages only that potato plantings can undergo the disease of the golden nematode.

Reviews gardeners about Lyubava

Daria, Rostov region.It is easily grown and has good taste.

Peter, Moscow region.High yield and unpretentiousness with good dining qualities.

Valentina Petrovna, Kaluga.The peculiarity is that all the tubers are very heaped and aligned in size. In the garden often in the bush were 20 pieces. tubers.

Andrey, Penza.The grade is tasty, not demanding big leaving and the most important plus that long holds grade and does not degenerate. So I update the variety no more than once every 8 years.

Maxim, Krasnodar region. I have been planting this variety for a long time, because it is transportable, tasty, it is not damaged by various diseases and does not cause much trouble at all. Well is the whole winter.

Features of growing

For greater yields need to monitor the landingsby applying various cultivation guidelines.

Recommendations for growing

Soil for cultivation must be saturated with nitrogen fertilizers. Therefore, fertilizers are applied in the fall before digging and spring is added to each well.

Place for planting potatoes Lyubava should be well lit, fast drying and protected from the wind

Landing type must match the type of soil - if the soil dries quickly, it is necessary to plant the tubers in the trench, so that moisture is better preserved. If the site may be subject to waterlogging during rains, it is better to plant in high, up to 40 cm ridges, which contribute to a better drying out of the soil, and the tubers will not rot.

It is necessary to correctly assess the saturability of the soil with water and choose the correct type of planting potatoes.

How to increase potato yield

In order to get large yields of potatoes, watering and weeding should be carried out in a timely manner. This variety builds up a small amount of tubers if it lacks moisture. Hilling will increase yields. Depending on the type of planting, the average hilling of potato bushes is carried out 2-3 times.. Proper fertilization will also increase yields.

Timing and step-by-step landing process

To get a harvest of potatoes planted in late May and early June. The landing itself should be carried out according to these recommendations.:

To get the most early potatoes, about six weeks before planting, Lyubava potatoes begin to germinate
  1. A place Fully sunny and quick-drying after rain.
  2. Priming must be well dug and raked;
  3. In the autumn during the digging of the plot for potatoes make nitrogen fertilizers;
  4. Worth remembering the crop rotation and do not plant potato tubers after solanaceous;
  5. Well depthdug up for potatoes, should be less than 10 cm. The scheme of the dug holes should correspond 35x75 cm.
  6. Before putting the tuber in the hole also add 250 g of ash and humus.
  7. If put in the dry groundthen pour water into the well at the rate of 500 grams. per well;
  8. Tubers laid out sprouts up and fall asleep ground.
It is necessary to adhere to this recommendation of the landing of potatoes, as it describes the main points.

Care rules

To grow potatoes and give a good harvest it is necessary to spud in time to increase the yield, as well as:

  • Water;
  • Fertilize;
  • Loosen;
  • Remove weeds.
It is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the potato planting and carry out timely weeding of the site.

Water and immediately the next day fertilized three times.

Irrigation and fertilization timeFertilizer composition
One month after planting potatoesNitrogen fertilizer.
During floweringPotash phosphate fertilizer.
2 weeks after floweringComplex mineral fertilizer.

Loosening and simultaneous removal of weeds carried out after watering and rain. Loosen the next day so that the crust does not appear preventing the penetration of air to the root system of the plant.

It is necessary to feed after the watering, in order not to spoil the young potato tubers.
Potato Lyubava has excellent taste

After reading the description and reviews of gardeners, you can see that growing variety Lyubava, no one will be without a good harvest tasty and maturation of potatoes. At the same time, there is absolutely no need for much strength in cultivating this type of potato.