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What can be made from blackberry - 19 recipes


Blackberries can be forest and garden in the same way as raspberries, which it looks like and looks like it grows. The differences are blue, sour taste, weaker aroma and smooth skin. The berry is unpretentious, ripens from the end of June. The last berries on the bushes can be found at the end of September. Thanks to such long-term fruiting, blackberries can be prepared for the winter with strawberries, gooseberries and even with Antonov apples. In this article we will take a closer look at what can be done with the fruits of blackberry.

What can be cooked from blackberry

Like all berries, blackberries are more useful fresh. Any heat treatment reduces the content of vitamins and minerals.. Berries harvested for future use in the form of jam, jams, compotes can also be used as a fresh berry for preparing various desserts.

Blackberry is very useful fresh.

Cooked from blackberry can be a variety of different dishes:

  • Jams, jams, confitures;
  • Drinks - fruit drinks, compotes, cocktails, jellies:
  • Desserts - mousses, yogurts, sorbets, jelly sweets, pastries;
  • Sauces for meat and fish.

Berry has a sour taste.therefore, it can be used not only for the preparation of sweet dishes, but also to give meat and fish a unique taste.

Jam from whole, freshly harvested berries

Whole Blackberry Jam
  1. Berries need to sort out, clean the stalk, select the worms.
  2. Wash berries better, dipping a colander with berries into a basin or a large pot of water. Under the pressure of running water, the berries will be washed, and some of the juice will be washed off with water.
  3. Washed berries laid out in enamel or copper cookware.
  4. Sugar is poured on top. at the rate of 800 gr. on 1 kg. Berries.
  5. If the berry is not overripe, then you can add a couple tablespoons of water, so that the berry does not burn, quickly allocated juice.
  6. Pan goes to high heat. Sugar should darken from the juice of the berries. You can mix it with berries only after boiling jam from the edges.
  7. Uniform boiling of the whole berry mass - A signal to reduce the fire to a minimum.
  8. With occasional stirring berries are brought to a strong thickening within 3-4 hours.
In order for the jam to be fragrant, for 5-20 minutes before the end of cooking, you need to add 5-6 cherry leaves. They are removed from the finished jam before laying it in banks.

Five minutes

Blackberry jam with five minutes
  • Washed berries laid out in a large enameled bowl, pot or copper container.
  • Before boiling the berries, as they produce juice, sugar is added to the jam. The approximate ratio of 1 kg of berries 700 gr. sand.
  • Boiled jam is left on gas for another 5 minutes and turn off the gas.
  • The cooled mass is again sent to the fire and boil for another 5 minutes.. This procedure is repeated three times.
  • After the third boil, jam when hot is laid out in cans and hermetically sealed with plastic covers or rolled metal.
Berry acid is incompatible with aluminum and steel, therefore for mixing the berry mixture we use a wooden (not painted) spoon or a spatula.


Jams are prepared on the basis of apple puree. Considering that most of the berries are harvested in summer, summer apples will have to be used to make blackberry jam.. They are sweet, which means that sand will need less ≈ 500-600 grams. on 1 kg of fruit and berry mix.

Appleberry Blackberry Jam
  1. On 3 kg of apples would need 1 kg of berries blackberry
  2. The apples are peeled, rubbed into the tank for cooking on a large grater. To prevent apples from turning brown quickly, they must be poured with sugar. As long as all the apples are rubbed, juice will already be in the pan.
  3. Berries preferably run through a manual juicer, to blackberry pips in the jam was not.
  4. All the ingredients in the pan - you can send it to gas.
  5. After boiling jam, the gas decreases.
  6. Periodic stirring Do not let the jam burn. Boil it need to thicken.
How to check the readiness of jam? After stirring, the syrup remains on the spoon. If you drop it on a metal spoon or table surface, you can determine the readiness of jam, jam. A drop does not spread - jam is ready!


Blackberry Confiture

Feature of confiture added to it:

  • Gelatin;
  • Liqueur;
  • Vanilla;
  • Cinnamon
In addition to gelatin, all the ingredients of choice. You can not add them at all.
  1. For the preparation of 1 kg of blackberry1 kg of sugar and 3 tablespoons of gelatin is required.
  2. Whole berries or squeezed ones juice is sent to the pot. Immediately add all the sand.
  3. While the mixture boils on the fire, gelatin is soaked in a glass of water.
  4. The berries boiled, the sand completely dissolved - it's time to put gelatin into the mix.
  5. Bring to a boil, and immediately turn off. If desired, add 50 ml of liqueur or spice.
  6. We decompose the confiture in capacity for storage, hermetically close.

The drinks

Blackberry Compote

The peculiarity of cooking blackberry compote is that it does not need to be cooked. The most acceptable way to fill the berries with sugar syrup. This allows you to save the shape of the berries. When cooking, it will simply fall apart, bones will settle at the bottom of the pan, and the flesh will turn into an incomprehensible shapeless mass. It is necessary to filter compote.

Preparation of compote in the bank does not require additional manipulations - the berries will not lose shape. An additional advantage of this preparation is that the closed compote lid will be stored longer. Hence, it can be harvested for future use. For long-term storage of sand will need a little more.

Summer compote

Blackberry Compote

Calculation of products per 3-liter jar

  • Blackberries - 2 cups;
  • Granulated sugar - 1 glass;
  • Water - 3 liters.

The berries are poured into the jar. Pouring water from sugar is prepared. Boiled syrup is filled with a jar, covered with a lid.. During the cooling of the compote will acquire a uniform color and taste.

Pure blackberry compote has a pleasant aroma, the taste requires the addition of raspberries and red currants. Taste bouquet will be much richer.

Blackberry mors

Berry practically does not lose either taste or vitamins during shock freezing. Vitamin "C" is less in it than in cranberries, but with a strong cold, fruit drink from this berry also helps. It is better to freeze berries in special bags, which have small perforations on one side. Washed and dried berries are arranged in containers or packages, sent to the freezer. If it is not possible to dry the berries, then they can be poured with sugar. Depending on how the berries were frozen, the method of their further use depends.

Frozen Blackberries

Morse from berries without sugar is prepared as follows:

  • Sand is poured into boiled water at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.
  • After the sugar has completely dissolved, the colander is put on a colander or sieveso that water gets inside it.
  • Berries are poured into a colander. They should warm up and give juice. For quick cooking, you can mix them with a wooden spoon. Blackberries in boiling water quickly emit juice, but you can slightly suppress the berries with stirring.
  • The colander has wide holes, so juice should be drained. When using a sieve, this stage of preparation disappears.

Berries, frozen with sugar, have to cook in a saucepan. Then strain out through a sieve, or through gauze laid in a 2-layer colander.


The most pleasant for the stomach mucous drink. For diseases of the digestive system, doctors often recommend it.. In the preparation of this dish there are two main ways.

Kissel on oatmeal

Kissel of this type rather refers to desserts than to drinks.

  • 1 cup oat grains or rolled oats;
  • 1.5 liters of water;
  • 100-150 gr. blackberry
  • 2 -3 tbsp. sugar or honey
  • A pinch of salt.

Preparation of therapeutic jelly begins in advance.

  1. For 6-8 hours oatmeal must be soaked in full volume of water.
  2. The resulting liquid is poured into a saucepan.. The remaining grain can be squeezed through a sieve, but its hard parts should not get into the bucket.
  3. The base of the jelly heats up. It dissolves honey. If sugar is chosen for cooking, then it and salt can be added at any stage of preparation.
  4. In the boiled hercules broth crushed berries are added or squeezed juice from them.
  5. The mixture is brought to a boil., the gas is reduced to a minimum. You can rearrange the saucepan on the sauce for simmering. The purpose of vexation is to evaporate excess moisture, let the dish thicken.
  6. There is jelly this will have spoons, so for cooling it is better to pour the plates, immediately dividing into small portions.

Quick jelly

Blackberry Kissel
  • 1 liter of water;
  • 3 tbsp. l potato starch;
  • 250-300 gr. blackberries;
  • Sugar to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. In warm, not boiling water, by means of a sieve, starch is added in small portions. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil with constant stirring so that the starch does not settle on the bottom of the pan and does not form clots.
  2. Sugar and berries should be on hand, so that in the process of cooking for a second do not stop stirring.
  3. Berries are added to the boiling starch base. It is better to rub them into the jelly through a sieve or replace them with fresh blackberry juice.
  4. Sugar is added along with berry raw materials.. After boiling the jelly must be removed from the fire. Long boiling will only worsen the taste.

Blackberry Desserts

Drinks, cocktails, Yogurt with the addition of blackberry tones up no worse than those containing melissa. But these two components are well combined with each other.


Blackberry Yogurt
  • 0.5 liters of kefir;
  • 7.5 grams of vanilla sugar;
  • 2 bananas;
  • 0.5 cups of blackberry;
  • A pinch of ground cinnamon;
  • Sprig of lemon balm.

Bananas break into pieces and are laid out on the bottom of the beater. The remaining ingredients are added. Before obtaining a homogeneous mass, the mixer starts at the first speed, only after that the function of beating is started..


Blackberry Mousse

Traditionally, the mousse is prepared by their strawberries or raspberries. Blackberry mousse will be more sour with a soft taste. Berry harmonizes well with strawberries and raspberries. When using all three ingredients, the dessert is more delicious and flavorful. To prepare the mousse will need:

  • 3 egg whites;
  • 1 cup sugar;
  • 0.5 kg of berries.

In the beating glass, we separate the proteins, add some sugar and begin to beat. The rest of the sugar is added gradually. The result should be a thick mass, as for baking "meringue". In small portions, add the berry mixture and beat, bringing the mass to a uniform state. Although small pieces of berries will not spoil the dessert. Before serving, the mousse must be cooled, laid out in ice-cream bowls or tall glasses, decorated with whole berries and a sprig of mint.


Blackberry sorbet

Sorbet is a dietary, lean ice cream, it has no animal fats, and the amount of sugar is minimized. For its preparation will require:

  • 3 cups of blackberry;
  • Juice of one orange;
  • 100 gr. honey

All ingredients are wiped in a blender until smooth, which until full freezing is sent to the freezer. Before serving, balls are formed from the mass, by means of a heated tablespoon, laid out in a bowl.

As an ornament, you can use almond or walnut, grated chocolate. Use of fruit syrup for this type of ice cream is unnecessary, and whipped cream will perfectly complement the treat.

Alcohol sorbet

Blackberry Alcohol Sorbet

Alcohol freezes badly, therefore, to prepare sorbet, it will need to be diluted with water. Blackberry harmonizes well with almonds and cherries.. Based on this, choose liqueur. Proportions:

  • 300 gr. blackberries;
  • 30 ml of liqueur;
  • 50 ml of vodka;
  • 100 gr. sugar;
  • 1.5 tsp lime juice.

Cooking method:

  1. Pour the berries and sugar into a saucepan. Cook until smooth.
  2. Wash the berry mixture through a sieve.so that the seeds do not fall into the ice cream.
  3. Chilled berry puree mix with the remaining ingredientssend to freezer.
Alcohol sorbet will not be solid. To decompose it in creamers, heat the spoon is not necessary. For decoration, you can take chopped nuts, chocolate or cherry berries, which will help emphasize the taste of the liqueur chosen for dessert.

Blackberry jelly candies

To make this delicacy you will need a quince.. It will play the role of a gelling agent. This will give a longer shelf life than when preparing a dessert based on gelatin. In this recipe for 1 kg of berries and quince will need 600 grams. sand.

Blackberry jelly candies

Cooking method:

  • Peel the quince, rub the pulp on the grater.
  • Add berries. Quince 1/3, berries 2/3. Fill the mixture with sugar, leave for a few hours to highlight the juice.
  • Bring to a boil, boil until the quince pieces begin to decay.
  • Wipe mashed potatoes through the sieve.
  • We warm the oven to 170 °. We turn down the gas to a minimum.
  • Baking tray foil.
  • On the foil even layer of 1.5-2 cm lay mashed potatoes.
  • We put in the oven. Preparation can take from 8 to 16 hours. The bottom line is to evaporate excess moisture.
  • The finished layer is sprinkled with a thin layer of potato starch, flipped, processed from the second side.
  • Cut into platesIt is placed in a plastic container and put into the refrigerator.
In the absence of a quince, it can be replaced by apples. The amount of sand in the dish is determined by the acid of the berries and apples. Using sweet apples, the amount of sugar can be reduced.

Blackberry Pastry

On yeast dough, you can bake an open blackberry pie. When using jam, there are no special problems, and jam or raw berries, wiped with sugar, will boil and run. Therefore, we choose a deep form so that sugar syrup does not stick in the oven. After baking, the form must be pulled out and let the cake cool to make the jam thicken again. Only after that the cake can be removed from the form.

Blackberry Pie

Cooking a cake with berry filling is uncomfortable by the fact that the dough itself, while wet, does not bake and does not increase in volume. To reduce wetting under jam or berries, a layer of potato starch is applied.. This method of cooking baking common, but very long. Faster delicacies are prepared on a yeast-free basis.

Blackberry Cheesecake

Blackberry Cheesecake

For the test will require:

  • 300 gr. cottage cheese;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 3 cups of wheat flour;
  • 1 cup sugar;
  • Baking powder dough.

Cooking method:

  1. Cottage cheese, eggs and sugar fray until a homogeneous mass.
  2. Flour mixed with baking powder and added to the mass.
  3. Flour is poured on the table.. Dough is laid on it.
  4. In several stages roll out the dough to a thickness of 5-7 mm.
  5. Dough can be cut with a knife on the squares or a glass on the circles.
  6. For filling better to take jam or confiture.
  7. In the middle of each mug Spread half a teaspoon of blackberry.
  8. Fold the circle in half and once again in half - it should be a triangle.
  9. On a warm, greased baking sheet lay out the resulting cookies. We send them to the oven, heated to 220 ° C, a wardrobe for 10-15 minutes.
  10. To make cookies brown, a couple of minutes before the end of baking, you can grease with creamy margarine.

Blackberry Sandwich Cake

Blackberry Sandwich Cake

To prepare the dough will need:

  • 200 gr. cream margarine;
  • 3 cups flour;
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 cup sugar.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Sand mixed with flour.
  2. We make the deepening.
  3. We drive an egg and lay out a pack of softened margarine.
  4. In the hands of margarine knead the flour. The process continues until a homogeneous lump of dough.
  5. Although an egg has been added to the dough, it will not be bound. Therefore, divide the dough into two partsone of which is twice the second.
  6. Warming up the oven and baking mold.
  7. We get shape, lubricate her vegetable oil.
  8. Large part of the test is evenly distributed across the bottom of the form. Slightly pressing down the middle with the fists, we get the dough on the edges of the form - this is ideal so that the jam does not flow.
  9. Pour the filling thickness ≈1cm.
  10. Take residues of dough, a large grater and evenly cover the berries with a loose layer.
  11. We send the cake to 20-25 min in the heated oven.
  12. The finished sand cake should coolto jam thickened. After cooling it can be removed from the whole form, or cut into pieces.

Berry Meat Sauce

Meat is well combined not only with vegetables, berries and fruits are also used in its preparation. Prunes and apples are suitable for ducks, for beef and lamb - cherry plum (tkemali), pork is often served under the "Krasnodar" sauce, where apple sauce is present in addition to tomatoes. Blackberry is suitable for any meat cooked on the grill.

Blackberry Meat Sauce

For the sauce will require:

  • A glass of blackberry;
  • Half a cup of red dry wine;
  • A pair of garlic cloves;
  • A teaspoon of honey;
  • A pinch of salt or a tablespoon of soy sauce (optional);
  • A mixture of peppers on the tip of a knife;
  • Several seeds of cumin (cumin);
  • Table vinegar to taste.

Phased Instruction:

  • Washed berries boiled in wine. Three minutes is enough to give the blackberry juice.
  • The mixture must be drainedto make the sauce beautiful.
  • Spices are added, except garlic and honey. The sauce should be simmered on low heat for 15-20 minutes, until thick.
  • 1-2 minutes before switching off, garlic and honey are added.. So sauce get fragrant.
If you replace the red wine with white dry and use a mixture of herbs for cooking fish, then this sauce will be an addition to the salad of crab sticks, shrimp and other seafood.

Used blackberries and in the preparation of first courses. It will be an excellent substitute for vinegar when cooking borscht. An excellent solution would be when cooking borshchevoy refueling for the winter, instead of vinegar put sour berries on the vinegar. After a couple of weeks, canned dressing, if done with cabbage, will give a pleasant jelly. Vinegar is simply not required.

Blackberries are not the most decadent and expressive berries. But having tried pastries made from it at least once, fruit drinks, desserts, it is difficult to resist not to prepare several jars of jam for pancakes for Maslenitsa. The taste of summer will help give the dishes frozen berries. In summer, blackberry can be combined not only with fruits and other varieties of berries, but also with vegetables - zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes.