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Useful properties of earthen pear or Jerusalem artichoke


Some say that Jerusalem artichoke tastes like a pear, hence the name earthen pear, others, turnips. Taste differences are related to the fact that the root vegetable is a guest from faraway Brazil, which appeared in Russia in the distant seventeenth century.

Our ancestors paid tribute to its useful qualities. Respectfully styled - Volga turnips. Used in cooking, drugs. Today, alas, the root vegetable does not enjoy such respect.

What is topinambur?

Perennial, tuberiferous herbaceous plant of the type of sunflower. Aerial part - tall stems, heart-shaped leaves, inflorescences of yellow color, small basket, similar to sunflower. Powerful root system with shoots similar to strawberry shoots, and cone-shaped tubers. The plant blooms from July to September, the harvest is the end of September, October.

Jerusalem artichoke

Topinambur is growing all over the globe, it has an incredible number of names. It is called the Jerusalem artichoke and barbarians, earthen pear and bulba. In the tradition of many nations, respect for the earth pear is due to the knowledge of its amazing properties.

Root is very useful. Its inclusion in the diet is recommended not only to healthy people. Its medicinal properties are known.

Tubers are used to produce sugar, alcohol is made from them, yeast is produced. Stems and leaves go to the silo, the most valuable feed for livestock, with a high content of vitamins.

The plant is used in forestry. For example, the years 2015-2016 were problematic for the forest areas of the Tambov and Ryazan regions. To wild animals, especially wild boars and elks, did not go to other places, foresters planted topinambur. Fast-growing high-quality food (tops, roots) "kept" the animals in their usual habitat.

Nutritional value of pearl tubers is much higher than potatoes. But the main difference is that in it instead of starch, inulin, organic soluble sugarwhich repeatedly increases the nutritional benefits of the root.

Useful and healing properties

Jerusalem artichoke is an unconditional masterpiece of nature, presented to man. The nutrients of its composition are necessary for the life of the human body.

Useful properties of earthen pear

The composition of the earthen pear is a graphic illustration of the entire periodic table:

  • calcium - Coordinator of the work of cell membranes, blood clotting, nerve conduction regulator, muscle work, the cardiovascular system, responsible for the formation of bone, muscle, dental tissue;
  • phosphorus -- the main partner of calcium responsible for the growth and restoration of the body, the conductor of vital glucose, vitamins A, B, D;
  • magnesium - optimizer more than 300 processes of the reaction of enzymes of the body, responsible for immunity, blood clotting, the nervous and muscular system, metabolism;
  • silicon - Assistant mastering magnesium, calcium, regulates metabolic processes, helps the formation of many enzymes, hormones, amino acids, promotes the growth of bone and muscle tissue;
  • sodium - responsible for water metabolism, protein hydration process, supplier of amino acids, glucose through cell membranes;
  • potassium - maintains blood composition, activates enzymes, regulates protein and carbohydrate metabolism, is necessary for excretory function of the kidneys, normal functioning of the intestine, nervous system, heartbeat, responsible for blood pressure;
  • iodine - it is necessary for energy metabolism, the normalization of biochemical reactions, the development of body growth with the help of thyroid hormones, affects the brain;

Also in the root of zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, iron, cobalt and other trace elements. The composition of minerals is balanced. Eating a root crop in food, the person fills up an organism with these necessary elements in full.

Jerusalem artichoke - vitamin cocktail. A complete set of vitamins of group "B", vitamins "C", "D", "A", "E". Their complex effect contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, increasing its resistance and endurance.

The chemical composition of Jerusalem artichoke

The root crop is valuable because it includes:

  • fructose, classified as the sweetest organic saccharide, normalizes blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system, prevents tooth decay;
  • inulin, a substance that decomposes fructose and glucose, activates the body's defenses, removes radionuclides, heavy metals, reduces intoxication, prevents the formation of tumors, and contributes to weight loss;
  • pectinssubstances that absorb fat, reduce cholesterol, are able to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, radionuclides, are not absorbed by the body, are enterosorbent;
  • cellulosenecessary for the smooth functioning of the intestines, reducing cholesterol, cleansing the body of carcinogens;
  • protein, the building foundation of the body.

A unique set of organic acids in its composition:

  • amber
  • apple,
  • fumaric,
  • malonic,

which optimize metabolic processes in the human body, increase resistance due to bactericidal and antioxidant properties, favor the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalize the production of bile, saliva, pancreatic juice.

Root vegetables are considered therapeutic dietary food. Recommended for people with diabetes for their ability to regulate blood sugar. This is a cure for diabetes growing in a vegetable garden.

Medication with elevated cholesterol. Pectin prevents the formation of new plaques, removes triglycerides, eliminating the causes of cholelithiasis and atherosclerosis.

Earth pear is considered a therapeutic dietary food.

The plant is useful for the treatment of constipation, obesity, thrombophlebitis. Regular consumption of tubers can prevent oncological problems!

Traditional medicine recommends the inclusion in the diet of Jerusalem artichoke, as well as the preparation of medicines based on it in such diseases as:

  • salt deposits;
  • diabetes;
  • increased acidity;
  • gout;
  • psoriasis;
  • osteochondrosis, arthrosis;
  • injuries, burns;
  • stomach ulcer, gastritis;
  • insomnia, depressive disorders.

The list is impressive, but not complete. The main advantage in the series of the healing properties of the plant should be highlighted prevention.

If you want to be healthy and vigorous, you strive to live happily ever after - turn on a Jerusalem artichoke in your diet so that it replaces potato consumption by 2/3. Success is guaranteed!

Contraindications of this plant

Not, clear contraindications for the use of drugs from the root, not identified. Also, there are no restrictions on its use in food. What matters is a sense of proportion. This gift of the gods will not interfere with any of us.

It is not known how babies react during breastfeeding, if a miracle vegetable appears in the mother's diet, there are no statistics for pregnant women. Proved that all from 10 years old to old age can and should be used.

Agrotechnology of Jerusalem artichoke

Agricultural technology is similar to potato cultivation. The plant is not whimsical, grows on almost any soil. He likes high-quality tillage, manure.

To save the tubers, planting must be made in April and October. Only the earth is able to maintain their integrity for a long time.

Dug out of the ground tubers produce landing. Use whole and halves. Planted to a depth of 10 cm with a distance between tubers and rows 50X50.

Earthen Pear Roots

In the autumn they plant before cold weatherso that the plant does not germinate. In spring, sprouts appear after 20 days at a temperature of 3 °. During sprouting, it is necessary to loosen the aisle a couple of times to open the air in the soil.

To increase the yield, the tops of the stems are pinched a month after germination or when the stem reaches a meter height. Weeding, watering in dry summer, hilling - traditional methods of increasing yields. However, this culture and idleness feed. It grows and without care, giving a good harvest.

One plant can give birth to 150 tubers, from which other same plants will then grow. So that the power of the Jerusalem artichoke does not strangle everything that grows on the site, the root system needs to be blocked. Dig into the ground obstacles.

Tuberization starts in August. When it is necessary to free a part of the plantation from an overgrown plant, the stems are cut in early July, which leads to a natural attenuation of the growth of the crop.

Earthen pear treatment

Leaves, stems and roots of a plant have healing properties. Fresh juice is used to reduce acidity, the treatment of gastrointestinal. Juice drink a teaspoon before eating.

Skin diseases, burns, gout are treated with a slurry of leaves. Compresses on the plantain, gauze dressings with crushed leaves, can be taken without restrictions. Useful bath with a decoction of stems and leaves. Fill the bucket with a green mass of Jerusalem artichoke, fill it with water at about 90 ° C, insist, strain, pour a comfortable temperature into the water bath. Baths help with atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Jerusalem artichoke juice

Daily consumption of root vegetables makes a person noticeable among others. Smooth face, white healthy teeth, good hair, excellent skin turgor without wrinkles, signs of those who know a lot about this vegetable culture.

Cosmetic tricks for making plant-based beauty products:

  • mask, chop the cleaned tuber, apply the resulting mass on the face, shoulders and decollete area with a thin layer, leave for half an hour, wash off with warm water. Usually, dryness does not occur, if necessary, use a moisturizing cream based on herbal ingredients, for example, chamomile;
  • lotion, squeeze the juice of the leaves, dilute with spring water 1: 1, wipe in the morning and evening. Within a few days, it will become difficult to recognize your reflection in the mirror;
Proper nutrition is the basis of health. Natural gifts can not be replaced by man-made inventions. So you do not regret the lost health, do not postpone familiarity with the miracle - the root.