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A detailed description of the autumn pear varieties in Memory of Yakovlev


At one time, in the gardens of the central part of Russia, except currants, raspberries and cherries, almost nothing grew.

But the work of breeders does not stand still, so over the years many varieties of fruit trees have been developed that are able to grow and bear fruit in a harsh climate. These trees include pear variety in memory of Yakovlev.

Description and characteristics of the variety, terms of fruit ripening

The pear variety in the memory of Yakovlev was bred by the breeders of the All-Russian Research Institute named after Michurin. It was obtained by crossing the varieties of the Subject with the French variety Olivier de Serres.

PN Yakovlev, S. P. Yakovlev, Ya. S. Nesterov and R. M. Korshikov participated in the breeding of the autumn variety. This is their many years of fruitful work.

Nowadays, the variety in memory of Yakovlev is distributed in many regions of Russia. Grown and propagated nursery. It is perfectly adapted for growing in the Central, Central Black Earth and Middle Volga parts of Russia.

The tree is a fast-growing, self-fertilelow It has a rounded crown, medium density. The backbone branches are located at right angles to the tree.

With branches, numerous annuli form with age. The stem and main branches are painted gray. Bark flaking.

Pear varieties in memory of Yakovlev low, samoplodnoe, fast-growing

It differs from other varieties by high budding of the kidneys., as well as pobegoobrazovatelnoy ability. Fruit formations are simple and complex annuli.

Last year's shoots are colored light brown. They are articulated. Chechevichek on them a little and there are spines.

Conical buds are bent away from a branch and they have a large subhepatic cushion. Leaves have an average size. Twisted loopy ovoid shape.

White flowers. The inflorescence consists of 4-6 saucer-shaped flowers. Separate petals with a smooth edge.

Fruit ripening - in late August and early September, and the crop is harvested throughout September.

Located on a long stalk. Wing shaped. The average mass.

The skin on them is shiny. In removable condition painted in light yellow color with a little blush. Consumer color of the fruit is yellow with an orange blush.

The fruits of the pear In memory of Yakovlev ripen in late August, the stem is long, the flesh is sweet, without tartness

Fruits with creamy fleshwhich is juicy and sweet. Without astringency.

Hold tight on the branches. Stored for several weeks. They are consumed fresh and are recycled. Well tolerated transportation.

Pears begin to bear fruit from 3-4 years. High, stable yield with good care. Since the tree is low, it allows for compacted planting.

The average yield per tree is 25 kg. In good years with sufficient and timely care, the yield may be higher.

High winter hardiness. In particularly cold winters, a slight freezing is observed, but it is quickly restored.

Requires abundant watering. With good watering forms a high yield and increase the taste of the fruit.

Not exposed to such a disease as scab.


  1. Low
  2. Skoroplodnoe.
  3. Winter hardy.
  4. Self-infested.
  5. Resistant to scab.


  1. Fruits of different mass are found at high yields, as well as in trees at the age.
  2. Stony cells.

Variety pear Memory Yakovlev:

Planting and care pears in memory of Yakovlev

Any planting of a fruit tree begins with the selection of a sapling. When inspecting a plant, pay attention to its condition.

The seedling must have a healthy look.. Without any black spots. No signs of rotting. Have fresh, not dried wood. Healthy roots.

You should not buy seedlings on the market, better to buy it in special nursery.

Landing place

You need to plant a pear on a flat, dry place. It should be well lit by the sun. Places with high groundwater are not suitable for growing wood. The soil should be fertile and well fertilized.

It is possible to plant a sapling of the Pamyati Yakovlev variety only in spring. Sapling should be planted immediately after purchase.

The fact is that pear does not like frequent transplants, so we define it as a permanent place right away.

Variety Memory Yakovlev self-fertile, therefore no pollinating planting is requiredwhich is very good for small areas.

Planting a pear in memory of Yakovlev can only be in the spring, she does not like transplants, does not need pollinating plants

For planting a tree we dig a deep hole. The pear has a highly developed root system, therefore it takes a lot of space. The depth of the pit is at least 1-1.2 m. The diameter is 0.8-1 m.

Since the pear loves fertile soil, therefore in the pit fertilizer should be applied:

  • humus 2.5-3 buckets;
  • sand 2 buckets;
  • potassium sulfate 3 tablespoons;
  • superphosphate 1 cup.

Mix with the land that is dug out of the pit.

Now in a bucket of water, stir 2 cups of dolomite flour or lime. You can also make a solution of wood ash. Pour a pit over this solution and leave it for a week.


In a week, proceed directly to the landing.. In the middle of the pit to drive a peg. The peg should be such that on the surface it is slightly higher than the seedling. It is approximately 0.5 m.

Next, pour a mound of pre-cooked land. Take a seedling, and gently straighten the roots on a mound, cover it with soil.

Board: so that the landing was successful, it is better if you do it together.

Top landing land with ordinary earth. While planting, shake the planks so that there are no voids between the roots.

Pay attention to the location of the root collar: it should be 5-6 cm above ground level.

When planting pear trees in memory of Yakovlev, pay attention to the location of the root collar: it should be 5-6 cm above ground level

After the tree has fallen asleep, the ground around it must be compacted. Now pour it in two or three steps. First pour one bucket and after the water is absorbed, pour the next ones.

To reduce water evaporation and protect against weeds, chatter the okolostvolny circle. Pour a layer of humus or peat with a layer of 5-6 cm.

Further care for the autumn variety

Further pear care for like apple trees. Watering requires abundant, especially if the summer is dry. Weeding the near-stem circle from weeds. Top dressing with fertilizers and fight against diseases.

Although the Pamyat Yakovlev variety is not exposed to scab, preventive maintenance should be carried out. To do this, in the spring period, treat the trees with Bordeaux mixture.

The difference in pear care is harboring a lot of snow in winter. Some gardeners pour water in front of the sham stem frost.

It is covered with ice, which protects the pear from freezing. Since young pears are more prone to freezing than apple trees.

Pear needs fertilizers: nitrogen, carbide, urea, potassium, phosphorus, superphosphate

For the prevention of diseases we use fungicides. In the early spring or late autumn to spray plants 3% Bordeaux mixture.

During the flowering of pears you can apply drugs Strobe or Inta-Vir.

Fertilizers can be scattered over the snow in early spring. Bring in nitrogen with urea or urea. In the summer, in conjunction with irrigation to make potassium. After the growing season will require phosphorus. Add superphosphate during digging.

How to form a crown in a pear

A pear crown is usually formed naturally.therefore, no special trimming is required. But here, if the branches are frozen, then they form a lot of jerky shoots.

In this case, part of such shoots should be cut, and the rest should be given a horizontal position. Pear bears fruit only on horizontal branches.


To keep maternal signs from new seedlings, to propagate a pear better layering. To do this, select a branch on the tree. But since this tree, and bend the branch like a currant will not work, then you can use another option.

Under the selected branch substitute the box with the soil. Before you fill the box with earth, put a plastic film in it. The film will not allow moisture to evaporate from the box.

Now bend the branch to the box. Make several transverse cuts on it and pin it to the ground. Top with earth.

To make roots grow faster, use Kornevin or Epin. A solution of the drug should be watered branch. Then the ground in the box close the film, roofing material and a layer of peat.

Maintain humidity in the drawer. The roots on the branch are formed all season, but in the fall it is still early to transplant the plant. In winter, warm the box with a seedling well and cover it with snow.

In this way we grow a seedling for two years. After this period, the plant is separated from the tree and transplanted to a permanent place.

With this method of reproduction, cuttings retain maternal signs and begin to bear fruit sooner than ordinary seedlings.

From all written, it is necessary to highlight the facts that the variety Memory Yakovlev is very convenient for growing. Even a novice gardener can handle it.

The pear variety in the memory of Yakovlev is well propagated by layering; it is very convenient for growing.

It is common in the gardens of Central Russia, as well as Siberia and the Far East.

Gardeners liked this variety for unpretentiousness, precociousness, resistance to diseases and high winter hardiness. Very tasty fruit without astringency.

Having planted a pear in memory of Yakovlev in your plot, you will not regret the busy place.

Pear varieties Memory Yakovlev: