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6 ways to grow mushrooms in the home


Honey mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms, as they can be not only harvested in the forest, but also grown on your own in your country house or balcony. Summer and winter variety monkey is best suited for breeding at home. They are not whimsical and do not require much effort even for a beginner.

What are the conditions for growing mushrooms

Conditions for growth experience is easy to arrange, both at home and in the summer cottage or garden. The best time for planting outdoor material is April or May., and in the house (warm balcony, basement) throughout the year.

Mushrooms are considered the most delicious and fragrant mushrooms
Air temperature at different stages of growth should be from +10 to + 25 ° С.

With a uniform and high level of humidity, the mycelium develops rapidly, which favorably affects the growth of fungi. The building must be well ventilated, it may be a window or built-in ventilation. Light for the growth of fungi is needed is not bright, you can grow almost in the twilight. Only then the caps of the mushrooms will be pale, but this will not affect their taste. At the dacha for planting again it is better to choose a shady place so that the wood on which the mycelium is located does not dry out.

Ways of growing experience in the summer cottage

You can grow mushrooms by the following methods:

  • in the basement on the bags;
  • on logs;
  • in greenhouses;
  • in banks;
  • on a stump.

In the basement on the bags

The room before planting must be disinfected. In the basement all year round there must be good ventilation. In the winter time it needs to be heated.

Growing mushrooms in bags

For soil for sowing mycelium use:

  • crushed straw;
  • foliage trees;
  • woody sawdust;
  • husk sunflower seeds;
  • ready blocks substrate.

All vegetable components are steamed with hot water for 12 hours for decontamination from pests and mold. After cooling, add the mycelium again (according to the manufacturer's instructions) and mix thoroughly. Then lay out the mixture in a dense plastic bags from 5 to 50 kg. Knotted bags are placed on racks or suspended in the basement.

After three days, holes of about 5-6 cm are cut in the bags. After 14-20 days, the mushrooms will germinate and become visible.

For normal growth, at this stage, good lighting, high humidity and temperature from +14 to +16 ° C are necessary.

On logs

You can grow mushrooms on them both outdoors and in the house at a temperature of from +10 to + 25 ° С. A log of larch wood should be not rotten, but wet and with bark. 300-500 mm long, with a diameter of 200-500 mm. If it is dry, then it is soaked in water for two or three days. Then pull out and allow to drain water.

Preparation of logs for growing mushrooms

Mushrooms grow on logs in three ways:

  1. Holes are made in logs 1 cm in size, 4 cm long and at a distance of 10-12 cm from each other. They insert the mycelium on wood sticks. Hands should be completely clean. After that, the logs are wrapped with plastic wrap, having made several holes in it so that air can pass inwards. They are then transferred to a damp, darkened room. At 20 ° of heat, the log will acquire a mycelium of agony over a period of 3-4 months.
  2. On the plot from the shadow side dig a hole 15 cm deep and water it. Then the wood is put into it with the mushroom stick laid in a horizontal position. Soil around the planting sprinkled with wood ash to scare off snails. Watering is carried out regularly so that the earth does not dry out. In the winter they cover with leaves.
Growing mushrooms on logs
  1. The same prepared log can plant in a barrel or barrel with earthand put on the balcony. For normal growth you need to constantly maintain the temperature from +10 to + 25 ° C and high humidity.
A hygrometer is used to determine the percentage of moisture.

In the greenhouse

Greenhouses and greenhouses are well suited to the temperature and humidity levels for growing mushrooms. Logs, stumps, logs moistened and placed in a greenhouse. After that, holes are made in the wood and the mycelium is laid again, or they can be poured with a solution containing the spores of the fungi. Landing is regularly watered to maintain moisture, as well as monitor the temperature of the air. It is also possible to grow mushrooms in greenhouses in banks, packages or on substrate blocks.

In banks

This method of cultivation again allows you to do without home gardens. The bank can be put on the balcony or on the windowsill.

Growing honey in the banks

Substrate substrate is made for mycelium growth. - a mixture of sawdust (better larch species) and bran in a ratio of 3: 1. For one day it is poured with water, then squeezed and not tightly compacted.

To prevent the mycelium from infecting with mold, the jar with the substrate is sterilized in hot water for one hour.

After cooling the mixture, a hollow stick is made in it with a clean stick to the bottom of the jar and the mushroom mycelium is placed. The container is covered with a lid with holes and covered with wet cotton to maintain humidity. Bank clean in a dark and warm place. As the wool dries, it is moistened.

Mycelium will sprout in a month, and after 15–20 days the first mushrooms will appear. As soon as the mushrooms ascend, the container is placed on the windowsill on the north side, or darkened from the sun. When they reach the lid, they remove it and the neck of the jar is wrapped in a wide strip of cardboard. This will help the spirits to keep during growth. To preserve moisture, mushrooms are sprayed with water. As they grow, the crop is cut off, and the remaining legs are pulled out. In 14-20 days, new mushrooms will grow.

Growing on stump

Planting mycelium on the stump do in the warm, but not hot season. In the forest, on old stumps or trunks of trees, a mycelium is found and part of it is separated along with a piece of wood. For planting in the stump cut out the grooves, and put the pieces of mycelium size of 1-2 cm. Then cover with wet moss or sawdust. The soil around it is watered, not allowing drying out.

Spore breeding method

Caps of overripe fungi with dark brown color are selected. Put them in a container and pour clean water for 24 hours. Then, without taking them out of the water, rub them with their hands. The resulting mass is filtered. A solution containing spores is poured over stumps or logs with notches made in them. Thanks to them, the wood is better soaked. After which they are covered with wet moss or sawdust. Spores germinate for a long time, mushrooms will grow only in 1-2 years. After the mycelium has grown on wood or stumps, it can be propagated. To do this, its part is carefully separated and transplanted to a new place.


Buy mycelium only in specialized stores, since the goods are stored in them in the right conditions. If during the cultivation of winter rape in containers, the temperature has risen high, then they should be removed in the refrigerator for several days. The temperature should be no more than + 8 ° С, but not less than + 4 ° С.