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Instructions for use of the drug Baykoks for rabbits


Baycox is a necessary preparation for every experienced and beginner rabbit breeder in the treatment of various infectious diseases. Rabbits, like other pets, are susceptible to many infections.that are fatal to offspring. Therefore, to protect their offspring from death and infection with dangerous diseases, it is necessary to provide the necessary treatment. And this will help drug baykoks. You can learn about the methods of use, how to use it correctly and under what diseases, from the detailed instructions of this tool.

What is bikoks used for rabbits?

Baycox is a remedy that often used to treat poultry and rabbits to combat many infectious diseases. It is included in the group of drugs that have anticoccidian action. During the use of funds included in this group, there is a direct effect on the shell of infectious agents and their shell is instantly destroyed.

Baycox must be present in the first aid kit of each rabbit breeder, because this the drug is able to get rid of dangerous infections, both at the initial stage and at the advanced stage. The most dangerous disease that helps this remedy is called coccidiosis.

Baikoks 5% for rabbits

The causative agents of this disease are Aimeria or Coccidia.. This infection presents a high health risk to rabbits. Currently, there are 8 varieties of this disease, the pathogens of which mainly affect the intestinal area, and are parasitic in the ducts of the liver and gall bladder.

Symptoms that characterize this infection:

  • Sluggish and depression;
  • Rabbit can be a long time in the corner without moving;
  • Bad and complete lack of appetite;
  • Weight loss;
  • Growth retardation and development;
  • Mucous become yellow color;
  • Fur becomes dim and disheveled.

The duration of the incubation period The disease ranges from 2 to 3 days. During this period, it is necessary to immediately treat animals.

Coccidiosis is severe and in frequent cases, the infected rabbit cannot be saved. For this reason, there are various measures to prevent and protect against the occurrence of infection of this species.

Baikoks drug is effective in the treatment of coccidiosis. It affects coccidia and resistant strains. the main thing drug advantage during his application is that he does not interfere with the natural development of immunity. In addition, it is well tolerated by rabbits. Even if the dosage of this tool is increased several times, the animals do not have side effects.

The composition and release form of the drug

The preparation contains the main component toltrazuril, this substance is derived from triazinone. This component is contained in a special solvent. Available in two forms - with an active ingredient concentration of 2.5% and with a concentration of 5%. The drug with a dosage of 5% has a high concentration of the active ingredient and it is given to animals in pure form.

Baykoks of 5% in a bottle of 1000 ml

Available in solutionwhich has a colorless structure. The solution has no specific odors, which are usually peculiar to this type of product. Baykoks is packaged in bottles of 10 ml and in bottles with a volume of 1 liter. In veterinary pharmacies, often the drug is sold in ampoules of glass base, which have a volume of 1 ml. Sometimes in some veterinary clinics and clubs, this tool can be sold on tap.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

The active component of the drug Baycox toltrazuril shows high efficiency in relation to all kinds of coccidia varieties:

  1. acervulina;
  2. anceris;
  3. brunette;
  4. necatrix;
  5. mitis;
  6. adenoids;
  7. meleagrimitis;
  8. truncate.
Baykoks 2,5% in ampoules 1 ml

Besides this he has a direct effect on parasiteswhich are resistant to drugs anticoccidian effects. Toltrazuril has an immediate effect on coccidia and destroys their shell, which as a result causes a halt in their development and death. Drug removal occurs through the kidneys along with the urine in unchanged form. Sometimes partially excreted with feces.

Instructions for use of the drug

How to use for kids

Often Baikoks used for young individuals. This is tied to the fact that drug helps to cure coccidiosis in the early stages, and is used for prophylactic treatment to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. Young animals in the first month of life have a weak immune system and poor body resistance to many infections.

Sick little bunny

In addition, unlike other drugs, the drug baykoks does not cause side effects and does not adversely affect juveniles.

Eymeria or coccidia mainly affects young animals between two weeks and two months. Coccidiosis in young rabbits is much more complicated than in adult animals. It is important to identify the disease in the first stage of appearance.. In 90% of cases, the treatment of coccidiosis in young animals is effective.

The main symptoms that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Weakness and lethargy;
  2. Disheveled fur;
  3. Yellowness mucous membranes;
  4. Weight loss bodies;
  5. Bad appetite.
Coccidiosis in rabbits is mainly transmitted through water and feed. In addition, small baby rabbits can be infected by infection through the milk of an infected mother. The incubation period lasts from 2 to 3 days. Therefore, during this period, treatment is provided with the help of the drug Baykoks!

Rules of use of the drug Baykoks:

  • If applicable drug with a dosage of 2.5%then it is diluted with drinking water;
  • Drug dose not to exceed 7 mg per 1 kilogram of body weight;
  • In order not to be mistaken, you can 10 liters add 1 ml drug;
  • Rabbits should water solution during the whole day;
  • Every day is divorced new solution;
  • Treatment continues until complete the disappearance of coccidiosis;
  • If used drug with a dosage of 5%then it should immediately be given by mouth. It is not diluted in water.
Rabbits bikoks given no earlier than 21 days after their birth. During this period, their body weight should be at least 400-500 grams.

How to apply to adults

For adults, as well as for young, Baycox is used both for the treatment of coccidiosis and for prevention, to prevent and protect individuals from this infection.

Rabbits drink water with a solution of bikoksa

The rules for accepting bikoks are similar to those for young animals:

  1. A drug with a dosage of 2.5 diluted in water for drinking;
  2. At 1 kilogram of animal weight, the dose of the drug is 7 mg or 1 ml of medicine is added to 1 liter of water;
  3. This solution rabbits water all day;
  4. Treatment is carried out until the complete disappearance of the disease;
  5. If used medicine with a dosage of 5%then it is given immediately to the mouth of the animal. It is not recommended to dilute it with water.

Do not forget about preventive measures.

Required with Baycox medication observe preventive measures:

  • In one cage can not contain a large number of individuals. The optimal amount in a single cell - 25 rabbits;
  • Constantly spend cleaning of places of contents;
  • Sure to clean out all litteroften through it individuals become infected with coccidiosis;
  • Wash troughs and drinkers. Constantly change the water;
  • Avoid increased dampness. in a cage;
  • It is not recommended to be observed in the rabbitry sudden changes in temperature and there were drafts;
  • Sure to monitor the quality of feed. It is desirable to acquire high-quality feed mixtures with a high content of vitamins. You should not give too much protein. All herbs and vegetables should be fresh.
Rabbit in a cage

Drug storage rules

Bikox storage period with a concentration of 2.5% and 5% should be no more than 3 months. However, many experienced breeders say that when properly stored, the product does not lose its properties and retains its effect for up to six months. Keep it should be at room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius above zero, but in a dark, dry place, protected from ultraviolet radiation and not accessible to children. Use means follows 1 time in 6 months.

Side effects

This tool belongs to the class of non-hazardous drugs. While taking the medicine in high doses, it no increased toxic effects on the animal organism. Even if you take the drug in a dosage that is 10 times the recommended dose, there are no side effects.

Rabbits drink water from the drinker


Experts recommend caution in giving Baycox in conditions of rabbits to pregnant females and during lactation. Generally the drug is well tolerated by animals, has no effect on immunity and health. In addition, during the reception does not disrupt the natural microflora of the stomach and intestines.

Drug cost

Since Baycox is a highly effective tool that can save entire offspring during an outbreak of the epidemic by almost 100%, its cost is high. Drug with a concentration of 2.5% the volume of a liter costs from 3300 rubles to 3500. The price of medicine with a concentration of 5% even higher - for 250 ml ranges from 2,200 to 2,500 rubles.

Baycox 5%

Bikecox for rabbits must be present at every rabbit breeder. It is worth remembering that rabbits are rather weak animals, and they are often exposed to infection with various infections. Special often they become infected with coccidiosis, and this is a very dangerous disease. He is able to cure only Baykoks, but in the early stages. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor your household and observe the necessary care.