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Instructions for use of growth stimulator hb 101


The drug hb 101 is a universal stimulator of immunity and plant development for use in agriculture. Producers define it as a vitalizer - "life-carrying." Vitalizer is based on natural components that are safe for the environment. Let's talk about the instructions for use below.

Manufacturer and type of release stimulator hb 101

Vitalizer NV-101 (hb-101) was created by Japanese scientists. Used in crop production since 1982. It is imported from Japan more than 50 countries, including Russia (since 2006).

Two forms are being marketed:

  • liquid extract (volumes: 6, 50, 100, 500 ml and 1 liter);
  • granules (packing 10 g, 300 g, 1 kg).

Each form (dry and liquid) - independent drug. Pellets are not prepared from the solution, they are suitable only for application to the soil surface.

The composition and mechanism of action of the drug

Vitalizer is not a product of chemical synthesis. It is a multicomponent extract (concentrated extract) from plant materials: plantain leaves, cypress leaves and bark, pine and cedar bark and needles. The extract contains various organic substances and mineral elements.

Vial with liquid hb-101

The liquid version has a water base and includes available compounds of nitrogen, sodium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, iron. Active silicon is especially important: it helps plants to better absorb nutrients, activates the mechanism of protection from the weather, diseases and pests. Other important components of the vitalizer are organic compounds with high biological activity: terpenes, saponins, etc. The concentrate is dissolved in water and applied by watering or spraying.

The granulated form of the vitalizer additionally contains oxides of many macro- and microelements. The solid base is a zeolite, a special silicate (76% silica). This is a kind of "sponge", charged with useful substances, which gradually pass into the soil within six months. Pellets scatter on the ground (without embedment) and work in the surface layer of the soil.

The complex has an impact in several directions. Biologically active ingredients act at the micro level - on the plant cell membranes. It improves nutrition, respiration and photosynthesis. Resistance to various pathogens and weather stresses increases. Entering into the soil activates the vital activity of beneficial microorganisms.

Existing analogues

The composition of the Japanese Vitalizer is unique, and its full doublers do not exist. A series of preparations based on coniferous extracts (with triterpene acids) has a similar mechanism of action: Russian (Siberian) Silk and its updated version of Novosil, as well as Belarusian Ecosil.

Special active acids isolated from plant raw materials of Echinacea are contained in the immunomodulator Zircon (from the Russian company NEST). Active silicon is presented in anti-stress fertilizer Siliplant (from "NEST").

Packaging of the preparation hb-101 in granules
All these products are not hormonal and act gently (at the recommended dosages).

Advantages and disadvantages of fertilizer


  • impact on all crops;
  • the possibility of making at any stage of plant development;
  • independence from the region, microclimate, soil;
  • profitability, efficiency in micro doses;
  • compactness, convenience of storage and transportation;
  • neutral acidity;
  • suitability for all farming systems (both "organic living" and "chemical");
  • absolute safety for wildlife.


  • relatively high cost;
  • the result is not always quick and obvious;
  • requires an integrated approach and repeated, regular introduction;
  • overdose can cause inhibition in the development of plants.

The effect of the application

Vitalizer is able to manifest itself in several aspects. His help is especially noticeable in stressful situations.

Dilution of the drug solution nv-101
  1. Seed germination accelerates, germination rates and growth energy increase.
  2. The survival rate of planting material improves when disembarking, transplanting.
  3. Observed earlier flowering and fruiting.
  4. The number of buds and ovaries increases, as well as the mass of fruits and the overall yield (sometimes by 200-300%).
  5. Nutritional and vitamin value of fruits increases, the content of pesticides, heavy metals and nitrates decreases.
  6. Increases the yield of harvest.
  7. Rasthenia successfully resist weather and stress (heat, cold, drought, dampness, shading, burns, freezers, mechanical damage, etc.), attacks of diseases and pests.
  8. Improves the appearance of plants (including flowering and ornamental deciduous crops, conifers, lawn).
  9. The effect of "fatigue" of the soil decreases, more rare crop rotation is possible.
  10. The earth becomes more fertile, cleaner from an ecological point of view.
When used together with fertilizers and pesticides, Vitalizer makes it possible to reduce their dosages, but its effectiveness increases.

Instructions for work

The most universal liquid form: suitable for all cultures, regardless of the phase of their development. The tool is very economical: from a 6 ml vial of up to 12 buckets of the finished product. When watering it will be enough for a quarter of a hundred, while spraying - for a whole hundred.

Preparation of working solution

It is convenient to measure the liquid - the bottles are equipped with a dosing pipette. 1-2 drops of the extract are stirred in a liter of water (1 ml per 10-20 liters of water). The solution is not recommended to store, it is better to prepare immediately before use.

Application areas of the solution:

  1. Spill the soil before sowing or planting (up to 3 times with a weekly interval).
  2. Preseeding seed soaking:
  • peas, beans, beans - for 1 minute;
  • cabbage, radishes and radishes, greens, cereals - for 3 hours;
  • other crops (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, roots, flowers, etc.) - for 12 hours.
Spraying tomatoes with nv-101
  1. Pre-soaking tubers, bulbs, rhizomes, roots - from half an hour to three hours.
  2. Spraying any seedlings - 3 times.
  3. Watering seedlings an hour before transplanting.
  4. Watering seedlings and seedlings immediately after planting in the ground.
  5. Spraying or watering (can be alternated) of any annual crops (as well as room perennials) every 7-14 days throughout the growing season.
  6. Spraying or watering of perennial herbaceous plants, bushes, trees - 3 times per season (with an interval of at least one week).
  7. Ephedra, yellowed after hibernation, treated weekly for a month, alternating spraying and watering.

Rescue perishing conifers

At a height of 1 meter from the ground (for dwarf forms - below), drill a thin hole in the trunk at an angle of 45 degrees, going deeper by 40 mm. Use a syringe to inject a strong solution of HB-101 (5 ml per cup of water).

Use of granules

HB-101 granules are applied to the ground surface (without sealing) - laid out or scattered. The term of their "work" - up to six months. Approximate dose - 1 g (1 cubic centimeter) per 1 square. meter.

  1. The layout of the granules on pristvolnom circle of trees and bushes, and also in the basal zone of grassy perennials - in spring and autumn (young trees - 1-2 g each, adults - up to 6 g).
  2. Sprouting in the spring on the lawn: 1 g per 1 square. meter.
  3. For pot and tub crops - 4 pellets per liter pot.
Vitalizer NV-101 is a great helper for growing mushrooms, forcing flowers, in hydroponic plants.


Stimulator HB-101 can be mixed with any fertilizers and preparations, except:

  • other stimulants;
  • chemical nitrogen fertilizers (carbamide, nitrate);
  • oil based products.

It is useless and even harmful to overestimate the recommended dosages.

Top dressing of a sapling with a preparation nv-101

Expiration dates, storage, security measures

There are no restrictions on working with the Vitaliser. The concentrate retains its properties for a long time, regardless of storage conditions. When watering and spraying there is no need for special protection equipment. HB-101 does not pose a danger to human health and the environment, but it is recommended to use it only for its intended purpose and to keep it away from small children.

Vitalizer NV-101 Reviews

Valery (Moscow): "I am engaged in coniferous plants, collecting a collection of junipers. I have been fixing uneven crowns for ten years with the preparation NV-101. One-sided introduction of granules and spraying stimulates growth in the treated area."

Irina Gicheva (Omsk region): "We have two large lawns at the dacha. Following the advice of friends, after the snow melted, one of them sprayed dry hb-101. The grass on it grew noticeably more powerful and greener than on the other lawn, which fed only mineral fertilizer."

Orlova Lyudmila (Novosibirsk): “Every year I soak hyacinth bulbs in the“ envashka ”of hyacinth bulbs before winter forcing. It’s checked: they then throw out flower stalks three times more powerful than untreated ones.”

Yurchenko G.P. (Volgograd region): "Our family business is growing tomatoes for sale. Since the Japanese vitalal began planting regularly, they noticed that there are far fewer diseases in the greenhouse and on the garden beds. And the fruits are growing much faster than before."

Kan Alexander (Leningrad region): "On my own land, I fertilize only with manure, ashes and HB-101. I harvest much more crops than amateurs of" chemistry "neighbors."