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Drone milk or homogenate


What are bee products like this a person can immediately call. Of course, honey. And more? Propolis, beeswax, royal jelly, zabrus, perga, pollen ... They all differ from each other in composition, properties and purpose. However, not everyone has heard of such a useful substance as a drone milk or a homogenate produced by experienced beekeepers.

What is drone milk and where does it come from?

This product has many names and definitions, including scientific ones. The drone milk or the drone-brood homogenate - it is a beekeeping product used in food as a dietary supplement. It is also called larval milk, sometimes confusing with royal jelly. And although they are really similar in composition, there are still significant differences. Investigating this question, the scientists came to the conclusion that the drone milk is much richer in the content of beneficial vitamins and microelements than the royal jelly. It has 5 times more steroid hormones and 2 times more nutrients.

Open trotting brood

How to assemble and cook?

In order to obtain and prepare a drone milk, in a special device, a honey extractor, honeycombs with six-day drones (brood) larvae are placed and subjected to a pressing or pressing process, less frequently using a centrifuge. The honey extractor can be both wooden, and metal. It is recommended to use wood because, interacting with the metal, the tender milk loses a number of useful substances. The final product has homogeneous opaque yellowish consistency, similar to thick sour cream, which has the smell of freshly baked bread and tastes like cottage cheese with honey. Further, for preparation, a mixture of fructose and glucose is added in equal proportions as a preservative in equal proportions and stored for up to full drying for three months at a temperature of 5-6 degrees.

The drone homogenate: composition, useful properties and use in traditional medicine

The benefits of drone-brood milk for the human body is invaluable. It contains many vitamins (fat soluble A, D, E and B vitamins), and micro and macronutrients: Calcium, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, iron, sulfur, silver, potassium and many others are therefore used even in cosmetology. The drone-brood homogenate is a storehouse of essential amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, and most importantly, functional groups of sulfhydryl enzymes. It also found a high content of natural hormones - progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, used to treat gynecological diseases in women and men. In Japan, the use of this product is appointed from the moment the child develops sexual development. It is believed that this contributes to the rapid transition of the body into the adult phase.

Along with green, ginger tea and grapefruit, taking drone milk helps removal of toxic substances from the body, helping in the fight against overweight.

Larval milk perfectly manifests itself as a tonic health improving and rejuvenating agent. For anti-aging procedures, the homogenate is taken not only inside, but also in combination with honey 1: 4 applied to the skin of the face, neck and hands. You can add milk to the daily cream or add to the mask.

The drone-brood homogenate

People after 60 useful to take milk for the prevention of senile forgetfulness, insomnia and many other diseases and problems that come with age.

With metabolic disorders or vitamin deficiency, as a prevention of malignant tumors, it is recommended to take a drone homogenate. It is recommended for people with a busy schedule, severe mental stress, people engaged in physical labor and with an increased level of psychological factors. Excellent as a sedative beneficial effect on the nervous system. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

The drone milk has no analogues. He has a unique composition and set of properties. To date It is prescribed to treat the following health problems:

  • Elevated level cholesterol;
  • Sleep disturbancenervous breakdowns;
  • Reduced weakened immunity and metabolic disorders in the body;
  • Problems at work digestive, endocrine systems;
  • Atherosclerosis;
  • Hormone imbalance.

How to take for medicinal purposes women, cosmetology

The use of milk drones by women activates the work of the genital organs, increases blood flow to the pelvic area, normalizes the ovaries and hormones during menopause.

Currently healing The drug is available in several forms: as a liquid, in capsules, adsorbed dragees and tablets. It is recommended to take before lunch, as the tool has a tonic effect and may cause insomnia. The course lasts from two weeks to three months twice a year.

The drone homogenate capsules

If gynecological problems are present, such as fibroma, painful menstrual lipoma, mastopathy, infertility, apitherapists are recommended to undergo treatment with milky milk.

Apitherapy or bee treatment - a set of techniques and methods of alternative medicine for the treatment of diseases of bee products using live bees.

In conjunction with prescribed by the gynecologist drugs and prior consultation on the use of drone brood can be achieved early positive results. The course of larval milk takes 2 months, taking in the amount of 3 grams of substance per day.

Unfortunately, many women are faced with the need to remove the ovaries. In this case, the hormonal background will inevitably fail, and the need to receive special preparations will arise. The drone milk contains the female hormone - progesterone. In this regard, it is perfect as a dietary supplement, which can be taken orally with honey. This will require a fresh homogenate, which is added to any kind of honey in a concentration of not more than 1% and consumed several times a day for 2 tablespoons.

No less benefit will be brood milk for women who have reached adulthood. It has a wonderful rejuvenating effect and will assist in the violation of processes in the body associated with the onset of menopause. In this case, the homogenate should be taken in the morning to half a teaspoon 30 minutes before a meal.

In the postpartum period, the female body needs to replenish vitality, and for this, the drone milk fits perfectly. Due to biostimulation of the reproductive system, restoration of worn out after delivery or miscarriage uterus. The drone milk is used in the same proportions as in menopause as BADA.

Before starting to use the drone homogenate, despite the recommendations given on admission, you should consult with your doctor and determine the individual dosage, due to the high content of steroid hormones.

Indications for admission to men

The drone-brood homogenate is extremely has a beneficial effect on male reproductive organs, helps with male infertility. Providing a powerful effect on the endocrine system and sex glands, drone milk improves the quality of the production process and the overall performance of sperm. Contains steroid hormones that are beneficial for male power: the number of healthy sperm increases, sexual desire is restored. Milk is taken in the morning for 2 capsules or half a teaspoon, mixed with perga or honey.

You should not get involved in this drug, although it is a product of traditional medicine and does not contain any chemistry, it should be remembered that large doses of drone milk can lead to failures in the endocrine system of the body.

The drug has established itself as good helper in the treatment of prostatitis and adenoma. During the course of the course of the drone milk in men, the production of sex hormones increases, regenerative biochemical processes in the testes are activated, and blood circulation in the prostate gland is improved.

Contraindications to the use of brood

A drug has no serious contraindications. However, do not exclude the possibility of individual intolerance. Also, caution should be shown to people with adrenal gland disease, as well as during seasonal infectious diseases.

How to store at home

Drone homogenate dry stored at home for up to three years and does not require any special conditions. This also applies to all types of pharmaceutical drone preparations. But here the proper storage of liquid milk should be given attention. In order for the drug to retain its healing properties longer, it is necessary to preserve it. Honey is perfect. Homogenate 1%, honey 99%. Then the product is removed in the freezer, it can be stored in this form for up to six months. It is better to freeze in small portions, in order to further be easier to defrost and eat. To use on an empty stomach, since its action begins with the digestive organs and further, being absorbed into the blood, passes through the whole body.

Storage of drones homogenate

The drone milk is a real natural medicine. Regardless of whether it will be from the apiary or from the pharmacy, it does not detract from its healing properties. Milk can be used by people of any age., even to small children as a prophylaxis of mental and physical abnormalities, adolescents with sexual lag in development. Adults: both women and men with gynecological diseases, infertility. In this case, the joint use of the drug by both partners increases the effectiveness of recovery several times.