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How and what to feed the apple trees in the fall so as to have a good harvest


The apple tree is a fruit tree. Gardeners love these trees because they are unpretentious in their care and are bountiful in harvest. Only through proper care can you get good results. After harvesting, it is worth picking the right fertilizers and providing apples with minerals and vitamins for the next season. Next, we talk about how to properly feed and fertilize apples in the fall after fruiting.

Why apple for feeding in the fall?

It is a mistake to believe that there is no need for fertilizer in the autumn period after harvesting. In autumn, a tree, be it an apple tree, a pear tree, or a plum tree, needs to recover after the growing season. Feed the apple during the rest period is of great importance. This will help prepare the apple tree for winter.

Before you feed, you should water the trees well, so as not to harm the root system. Young plants should be fertilized very carefully. Not all mixtures can come up, some can even harm the immature horse system.

Top dressing will help to achieve the following goals:

  • trees will more easily freeze;
  • spring trees need nutrients that may be contained in fertilizers;
  • will help protein-carbohydrate synthesis, which occur inside the plant;
  • accurate dosage of complex mixtures will give the trees the substances they need.
Feeding a young apple tree with the aim of helping to winter

When is it better to feed young trees

Top dressing will help strengthen the plant, prepare it for wintering. The terms of application are from the end of August, so that the apple trees can assimilate vitamins and minerals before the onset of frost. This will help the tree to bear fruit for the next season.

Cold soil will not allow normal operation of the root system.

Roots will not quickly absorb nutrients. For the assimilation of the necessary substances from the diet, it will take about a month for the apple trees. Therefore, in August, when the ground is still warm, the trees will be able to get the necessary substances for wintering.

Making feedings before the autumn planting of a young apple tree seedling

How to fertilize an apple tree in the fall?

The condition of the soil depends on the type of fertilizer chosen. First, the soil acidity level is determined. The cause of poor yield may be excessive acidity or alkalinity of the soil.

To neutralize a high level of acidity, wood ash, dolomite flour, slaked lime, chalk are added to the soil. This will help improve the condition of the soil in the root zone. With a high concentration of alkali in the soil using peat and sawdust.

Organic products in September and October

In gardening, organic compounds are often used. They can be applied together with the basic fertilizers.

Slurry is recommended to be applied to the soil in late September or early October. To create a mixture take the capacity (barrel). Fill it to 1/3 with manure, after the top is poured water. Need to insist for three days, occasionally stirring the mixture. The resulting solution is diluted with water (1: 5 ratio, if bird droppings are taken - 1:10). Such a slurry is watered near a stem or a hole.

Organic mix for autumn fertilization of apple trees

Manure taken with straw bedding, but you can without it. This fertilizer should be used only after complete overbreeding. Do not use fresh manure for fruit trees. In manure, the temperature rises in the process of overheating, thereby damaging the roots of the plant.

Korovyak is also used as a fertilizer. It is necessary to make a mixture of cow dung and water (1:10 ratio).

Korovyak able to improve the soil. But you need to use it carefully, so that there is no harm to the roots from a large amount of manure.

Litter birds can improve the crowns of apple trees. Fertilizer is used in dry form or in the form of infusion. For the solution, mix bird droppings with water (1:15 ratio). Need to insist for a week or ten days.

Ash is rich in useful elements. As a top dressing it is used both in a dry form, and in diluted.

Peat perfectly absorbs moisture, thereby improving the soil and normalizes its moisture absorption.

Feeding with ashes can be carried out both in dry and in diluted form.

Mineral fertilizers

Phosphate and potash fertilizers are also used in the fall to feed fruit trees. They are beneficial after the growing season. Produced by chemical means and include nutrients for plants and soil. Mineral fertilizers are more concentrated.

Potash funds are deposited in the fall so that they can digest by spring. Contribute to increasing the yield of the tree, its growth and improve the taste of the fruit. Fertilizer will help young apple trees to grow stronger.

From lack of calcium fruits will be poorly stored, and the leaves will start to fade, they may appear brown and yellowish spots.

Phosphate fertilizers are great for strengthening the root system of young trees. They also play an important role in the formation of fruits. Phosphate fertilizers do not dissolve in water, so they should be applied when digging the near-barrel circle or through wells.

Due to the lack of phosphorus, the fruits become small, the leaves become dark green and fall early.
Phosphate fertilizers are essential for good apple growth.

Foliar nutrition in the autumn

With this method, fertilizers are sprayed on the leaves of the trees, and not under the root. Leaf plates are able to quickly absorb and absorb nutrients. The effect can be observed on the third day, but it will last only three weeks.

Such fertilizers are used when the plant urgently needs to be given the missing nutrient. It is recommended to conduct foliar mixtures regularly (2 times per season). The first time - in the formation of leaves; second time - when the apple tree blooms.

Foliar dressing should dissolve in water

When feeding phosphorus using superphosphate. It is poorly soluble in water, so it is necessary to pour boiling water on it. After it is diluted to a concentration of 3%.

When feeding with potassium apply 1% solution of potassium sulfate.

Complex drugs are also used as foliar feeding. For example, stimovit. It consists of humic substances, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, as well as the necessary elements (copper, zinc, manganese).

All types of dressings are extremely important for fruit trees at different times of the year.

Root Blends

Fertilizer is applied not under the barrel, but within a radius of 50 cm from it. There will be thin working processes of roots, effectively absorbing fertilizer.

Spray the trees should be 2% solution of copper sulfate to prevent rot, scab. Fertilizer is applied to the depth of digging pristvolny circles. After the soil is mulched with peat, dry leaf, sawdust or needles.

How to fertilize folk remedies

  • Yeast feed. Able to improve the growth and development of young apple trees. When watering pristvolnyh circles apply a solution of live yeast. To create a solution you need to dissolve 0.5 kg of yeast and three glasses of sugar in warm water (9 l). The resulting solution is infused week. Before use, the yeast mash is diluted with water in the ratio of 0.5 l per 10 l of water. Each apple tree consumes 2-3 liters of the mixture.
  • Top dressing with ashes. Mix 2 kg of ash and 10 liters of water. Blend insist day and in dry weather contribute to the soil. For each apple tree - 2-3 liters of the mixture.
  • A solution of potassium permanganate. It has a healing effect on plants, disinfects and promotes good root development. Once a month the solution is watered with pristvolny circles.
To feed the apple trees in the yeast mixture, you can add grass

High-quality care and care for fruit trees gives results. A reward for his labors will await the gardener: in the spring the garden will delight you with excellent flowering, and in summer and autumn there will be a good harvest of ripe fruits in the garden.