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A detailed description of the grape variety beauty


Grape beauty has deserved popularity for quite some time. It does not take a year for the breeding specialists to bring out new varieties of this plant. But still, winegrowers give their preference to table varieties, one of which is "Pretty Woman".

Description grape variety Beauty

Let's start as always with the description. Bushes of medium height, with bisexual flowers. They are distinguished by a deep root system on many levels, which gives the opportunity for rapid growth and early maturation.

Hybrid allows yields in three and a half to four months.. Ripe clusters outwardly look attractive, berries differ evenness of forms.

Yield is average. The weight of elongated and slightly narrowed clusters reaches five hundred - six hundred grams.

Grape variety beauty on the vine close-up

Characteristics of berries

The plant forms beautiful berries of rather large sizes.Their average weight is six to seven grams. The forms are elongated, at the end sections there are small cusps. The skin tone is dark pink, the tips are purple. The taste of berries is pleasant, shades of nutmeg aroma prevail in it.

The flesh is quite sweet and juicy, has a slight sourness. Seeds are caught in it quite rarely, and their number does not exceed two.

The skin is durable, but thinish, while eating almost not felt. Sugar content reaches 15 grams per 100 centimeters cubic, the acidity is 6.6 g / dm. cc

Advantages and disadvantages

The plant has so many positive qualities that it makes it most attractive for cultivation in the garden plot.

The main features of the culture include the following characteristics:

  • excellent resistance to sunlight, the absence of burn spots on the skins of berries;
  • the ability to tolerate frosts up to - 24 C;
  • the plant is opposed to lesions with oidium and gray mold, mildew and anthracnose;
  • berries are attractive in appearance, have a good presentation and are very tasty;
  • plant yield is average, but fairly stable;
  • There is an opportunity to receive early harvests.
Grape berries pretty beauty closeup

But with so many advantages, there are some negative qualities:

  • in rainy weather, clusters of berries with broken peels appear;
  • growing vines has certain characteristics and conditions;
  • Grapes shows an average level of resistance to a variety of diseases.


Pretty woman, like other grape varieties, is a sun-loving plant, it needs a lot of light and heat. Any soil formulations are suitable for cultivation, but good drainage should be arranged on the spot for planting. Soil acidity is moderate.

For planting cuttings choose plants slopes directed to the south or south-west. In the northern regions of the grapes should be planted near the walls of buildings or fences. Stagnation of cold air to vines is contraindicated.

Ideally, for planting grapes will be sandy or black soil, suitable stony and macadam. Just under these conditions, the berries are of the best quality. Places with excessively saline and marshy land should be excluded. The groundwater level should be no more than one and a half meters from the ground.

The soil before planting must be prepared. They dig it up, sour soils lime. The site must be fertilized with manure, humus, if necessary - add vitamin complexes.

In the hole for planting, in order to improve the quality of the soil, make gravel mixed with soil. If the earth is clay, it is recommended to add superphosphates.

Grape vines beauty in greenhouse conditions

For sandy soils, it is best to add nitrogen-containing preparations, but the drainage can not be arranged, since the earth itself perfectly passes moisture and air.

Sandy land is best seasoned with manure or humus, add peat. To make the plant stick better, add superphosphates to the planting pit.

Planting seedlings performed at a depth of fifty - sixty centimeters to protect the roots from freezing. At the same time, it is necessary to leave the inoculation place above the soil level. Shrub binding is bound to the support column, installed in advance. Watering is carried out in the amount of three buckets, the ground is mulched.

The landing interval is:

  • 1.2 meters - along walls or fences;
  • 1.5 meters - in open areas.
The beauty is planted in the spring season, until the plant has dissolved the buds.

Care for a young and mature vine

Plant with proper care gives stable yields. Hybrid vines need systematic watering.

If the weather is rainy, then water should be no more than once a week. In dry days, the rate of moisture should be increased. Stop watering the plant for ten days before harvesting, so that the berries do not crack.

Cutting a bunch of grape varieties beauty

Important feeding. When fertilizer formulations are laid out at the planting stage, then up to three years of growth should not be fed to the vine.

When the bushes begin to grow greens, you can make nitrogen-containing compounds. Phosphorus and potassium will be needed in the flowering and ripening of berries.

Manure is applied annually as an organic compound, foliar dressing is carried out with a liquid mineral preparation.

A prerequisite for plant care is the formation of bushes.

Already in the fourth year of growth, the bush has four fruit vines. To build up strength, it is necessary to have up to three fruit shoots on each of them. Vines cut by 4 - 6 or 6 - 8 peepholes.

The soil around the vines is mulched. For the winter period it is recommended to shelter bushes from frost.

Breeding methods

This is done by grafting, and the stock must be carefully selected.. Experienced winegrowers recommend using vigorous varieties for vaccinations to create an increased stock of wood and thereby improve yields.

But there is a negative side to this method. In a grafted plant, the variety begins to behave erratically. The behavior of the plant and the quality of the harvest begin to depend largely on the soil composition.

Peculiarities of this variety

Watering begins after the kidneys have awakened on the vines, and frost has stopped returning at night. Moisture is applied until the plant is covered for the winter season.

Creating protection for the plant for the winter is a prerequisite condition, because it is not definitively established what kind of frosts the “Pretty Woman” endures without problems.

Harvest grape variety beauty

Shrubs are pruned several times during each growing season.

Diseases and pests

Vineyards must be protected from wasps and fungal diseases. For insects, special preparations are used to kill them. It is only necessary to add a means to a glass of water and put it near the bush. The second method is gauze bags, which are put on each bunch.

For various diseases, preventive treatments are performed by Radomil or Amistar. During the growing season it is enough to spend three to four spraying.

This red grape variety is popular, has excellent taste. It can grow any gardener, even among the beginners. It is only necessary to fulfill the simple requirements of agricultural engineering.