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Instructions for use fitotovaya for strawberries and cucumbers


There are many drugs that destroy plant pests, but most of them are far from harmless to humans. They are used when the harvest is still far, but what to do if the fruit is already edible, and it is destroyed by evil spirits? Here it will come to the rescue Fitoverm, created on a natural basis. According to the instructions, it is practically harmless to humans, and after a couple of days it completely disintegrates, allowing you to safely eat the grown fruits.

Composition and purpose

Biological preparation Fitoverm

Active ingredient of the drug - aversectin C. It is obtained from microorganisms living in the soil. Flyoverm is used to destroy:

  • aphids
  • spider mite,
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • grass makers
  • whiteflies
  • fruit pies
  • thrips
  • herbivore mites
  • moths
  • scythe
  • mealybug

Its action consists in paralyzing the insect, as a result of which it perishes from starvation on the second - third day after application. Duration of action - from one week to 20 days. Insects do not get used to phytovers, so it can be used a large number of times.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this drug is low toxicity with a sufficiently high impact efficiency. It does not accumulate in the cells of the fruit and leaves. It can be used in very hot weather, while other drugs are contraindicated. Another indisputable advantage is the low price. It can be used as before.and during flowering fruit plants.

Insecticide Fitoverm has a short period of decay, so it does not pollute the soil and is used during fruiting
The drug is completely harmless to plants, but dangerous for bees.

The disadvantages include frequent use. and the fact that the drug is washed off by rain. Another small negative - this insecticide acts only on adult insects and is powerless to the larvae, because they do not feed. Because of this, and often have to handle.

Instructions for use of the drug Fitoverm

Spraying is carried out in the evening, because sunlight accelerates its decomposition. Watch the weather forecast, so as not to process before the rain, otherwise the procedure will have to be repeated.

Flow rate Fitoverma for each type of plant has its own
  • When detected on your fruit and berry trees and shrubs caterpillars, ticks and other pests, trees need to be treated from the sprayer with the drug, dissolving it in water 1:10. This should be done at least 2 times per season. If necessary, spray can be repeatedly.
  • Vegetable crops and other, It is necessary to irrigate abundantly both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Dilute the drug for spraying cucumbers and tomatoes need twice as strong as for trees and bushes, that is, per liter of water 200 grams Fitoverma.
  • Seedlings treated in this way: before sowing, the soil is watered with Fitoverm, taking 200 grams of the drug per 5 liters of water. Before planting seedlings in the ground, it needs to be sprayed concentration solution, as for vegetables.
  • For indoor plants need such a concentration: half a liter of water 200 grams of the drug. In this case, you do not need to spray the flowers, but with a soft cloth or washcloth, wet the leaves, trying not to miss the slightest part of the surface. 

Processing indoor flowers

Nobody wants to introduce poison into living quarters, but what to do if pests are brought in flowers? Here invaluable help will Fitoverm.


Treatment of Orchid Roots for Fitoverm's Pests

If the pests are bred in the roots, place the flowerpot in the heated water for twenty minutes; adult insects should float. They are harvested, the plant is removed from the pot and the roots are treated with phytotherm.


Violets are sprayed without touching the flowers, and put in a dark place before drying, otherwise the leaves will become spotty. 

Spraying strawberries Fitoverm

When remontant strawberries are grown on the household plot, the gardener will invariably encounter various insect pests. therefore it is necessary to carry out preventive spraying of strawberry bushes in a timely manner appropriate insecticides. The widespread of such insecticides received the drug Fitoverm.

Spraying strawberries Fitoverm

Insecticide must be prepared in full accordance with the instructions immediately before use. Processing is carried out using a manual spray gun or mechanical sprayers.

It is necessary to carry out such spraying of strawberry by Fitoverm in the early spring or during flowering in the morning and evening hours.


You need to prepare the solution in the following sequence: First, dissolve the required dose in a small amount of water, mix well, and then top up to the recommended volume.

Fitoverma working solution is prepared before processing and used in full.

The solution must be consumed immediately after preparation, the residues merge into the soil under the plants. In warm and hot weather, use is more effective than in cold. Processing must be carried out at least four times.

Floterm does not become highly toxic even when the dose is exceeded. It can be used both in outdoor cultivation and in greenhouses. Its use allows not to change the soil in greenhouses, since it destroys the gall nematode, due to which the soil becomes infected and has to be changed. 

Because Fitoverm is a biological drug, it cannot be mixed with chemicalsespecially if they are alkaline. But on the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with various biostimulants (Epin, Novosil, Tsitovit), growth accelerators and organic fertilizers. It is easy to check whether the drugs are compatible, having looked is there any precipitate in solution. If there is no sediment, everything is in order.

To increase the effectiveness of exposure It is recommended to add surfactants to the solution in the form of shampoos, liquid soap or gel, which will contribute to adhesion. 


A phyto-verm is assigned a third degree of danger, that is, it is moderately dangerous. When performing the treatment, you should apply protective agents such as rubber gloves, goggles or mask.

Do not combine processing with eating and smoking. At the end of the work it is necessary to wash and wash your hands with soap.

If a drug accidentally gets into the eyes or on the skin, need to wash this place with soap, if a person accidentally swallowed a substance, you need to take activated carbon with plenty of water, induce vomiting and seek medical help. 

Drug storage

Fitoverm does not lose its properties even in the cold, the permissible temperature for storage is from -15 to + 30 degrees. Its shelf life is two years. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not pour the remnants into the pond, but burn the released packaging.

The excellent qualities of the drug Fitoverm made him a favorite of gardeners and gardeners, and the plants grown with its help cannot but be thanked with a bountiful harvest or beautiful flowers.