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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Lady fingers


As evidenced by numerous reviews, tomato Lady fingers has a good yield and excellent taste. In addition, seedlings of this variety feel good during growth in the greenhouse and open ground, so planting them is allowed in a more convenient place for you.

Description of a grade Lady fingers and its characteristic

Lady fingers, the fruits of which ripen quite early, refers to determinant varieties. The big plus is that these tomatoes are not considered a hybrid, so anyone who wants can easily collect its seeds, selecting fruits for this from "more successful" bushes.

Despite the fact that the ladies fingers according to the characteristics are recommended for cultivation in the open field, they feel good during growth in greenhouse conditions. In the first case, the bush grows up to 0.5-0.6 m, whereas under the film covers the height of the plant reaches 1.2 m.

A tomato is formed into 2 trunks, so no staking is required.

On a compact bush are the leaves of a dark green shade and simple inflorescences. In one brush, which are tied through 1-2 leaves, there are 5-6 fruits each.

The average weight of the fruit of the variety - 50-70 grams

Description of the variety:

  • elongated cylindrical shape;
  • fruit length is about 10 cm;
  • deep red tint;
  • smooth surface;
  • average weight - 50-70 gwhile large tomatoes often weigh 145 g;
  • fruit pulp - juicy, aromatic, with a slight sourness.

Ladies fingers can be attributed to early ripening, because its fruits ripen all 102-112 days. To harvest tomatoes begin in late June, and the tomatoes themselves can hang on the branches until the beginning of autumn.

Breeding history

The Lady Fingers tomato variety has been known for a long time, since the end of the last century. However, until 2006, it was not entered in the State Seed Registry. Only after Lyubov Myazina brought out the selected form of tomato, this variety was officially recognized.

Currently, gardeners found several varieties of ladies' fingers, each of which differs in the shape of grown tomatoes.
There are several varieties of female fingers, which differ from each other in shape

These are elongated-pear-shaped tomatoes with a pointed lower part, as well as elongated-cylindrical fruits with a “nose”.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the variety:

  • drought resistance;
  • good keeping quality and transportability;
  • excellent taste;
  • unpretentious care.

The fruits of tomato ripen well on the bushes or in a torn state.

The disadvantages include:

  • the requirement of a large amount of light;
  • good tomato harvest is possible only in regions with warm climates;
  • not suitable for making tomato juice.

If you provide the Lady Fingers with the necessary growing conditions, then the shortcomings of this variety can be avoided.

Planting seeds

Lady's Tomato Seeds

Planting seeds of this variety start in the middle of March, 55-60 days before the expected planting of tomatoes in the ground. Before planting, seeds should be soaked for 15 minutes in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate, then rinsed with warm water.

Sowing of tomatoes is carried out at a depth of 1-2 cm (2 seeds should be placed for 1 cm²). Then we cover the container for growing seedlings with polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect in it.

After the first shoots appear, the capacity must be set on the most illuminated window silland also during the week to maintain the temperature - 15-16 degrees so that the sprouts do not have time to stretch. After that, the temperature is raised to 20-22 degrees. When 2 true leaves appear, the seedlings dive.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

On a permanent landing site, seedlings are planted 2 months after sowing the seeds.

It is recommended to place 1 m² no more than 6-8 plantsso that the distance between the bushes is 50 cm. The distance between the rows should be 60 cm.

Further care of tomatoes consists in timely watering, top dressing, removal of weeds. Of particular importance are preventive measures aimed at protecting the bushes from pests and diseases.

Saplings are planted in the ground 2 months after sowing seeds


To care for tomato tomato fingers is quite simple. Since this variety has a compact form, it does not need to be formed by pinching.

If a tomato is drawn too hard, then necessarily tie upso that a strong wind does not break the bush.

Tomato Lady Fingers needs abundant watering 2-3 times a week. If the weather is hot, watering is done every day. The optimum temperature for high yield - 19-26 degrees.

How to get seeds for planting next year

Seeds are required to choose fruits that are red and endowed with a characteristic sort of shape.

To collect seeds, fruits must be slightly brown. Before harvesting the seeds, the tomatoes are washed, cut it with a knife and squeezed the juice with pulp into a small container.

After pressing the pulp, the dishes are covered with gauze and then placed in a dark place. At the same time water is not added to the mass, as it will cause the death of the seed.

When the juice is lighter, on the surface of the contents of the jar film and bubbles will be noticeable, and the seeds will descend to the bottom of the container. Thereafter can be separated sunflower seeds.

For the collection of seeds suitable ripe fruit, slightly brown

Then you need to perform a series of actions:

  • seeds are washed;
  • spread on cotton cloth to remove excess moisture;
  • laid out on paper in a thin layer to dry;
  • periodically stirred.

Ready seeds are stored in a dry place in paper bags, their germination is preserved 5-9 yearsbut it is better to apply them no later than 4 years.

Disease and Prevention

This variety is different moderate disease resistance. It is most susceptible to mosaic damage, which is manifested in a change in the shade of the leaf on which emerald-amber spots appear. In addition, the branches of the plant twist and change, the bush looks sick.

The crop from the affected plant may be small or not at all, so be sure to manually remove all affected areas, trying not to touch the juice of the plant, through which the disease is transmitted. Remote plants burned. Mosaic is developing both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

For the prevention of disease, seeds before sowing are etched in a light pink solution of potassium permanganate.

In order to get a good harvest of tomato varieties Lady fingers, it is enough to follow the basic agrotechnical methods. This is a variety that is not demanding to care, so a beginner can easily cope with it.