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Description and characteristics of tomato lazy variety for growing in central Russia


Tomato is a well-known and widely loved vegetable. This storehouse of vitamins, is grown everywhere today. Thanks to the painstaking work of the breeders, varieties have appeared that feel great and bear fruit not only under the gentle southern sun, but also in much more severe environmental conditions. This article will discuss the Tomato variety Lazyayka, the description and characteristics of which are presented below.

Description and characteristics of tomato Lazy

Tomato Lazyayka is very popular in the Urals, in Siberia, where, more recently, gardeners could only dream of growing tomatoes. In a short time, 6 years have passed since the variety was bred, Lazyka gained popularity, Her love for simplicity, ability to withstand a cool climate and temperature fluctuations. The variety belongs to the amateur one, however, gardeners of the middle zone and the northern regions, appreciated the simplicity of cultivation, high commodity and taste qualities of the tomato. If you pick a green fruit, it is well resisted.

Early ripe grade of a tomato Lazy

Lazy is an early ripe hybrid, the first harvest can be harvested 95-100 days after germination. Low compact bushes, give large beautiful tomatoes, which are shaped like a heart. Color from deep pink to bright red. The weight of ripe tomatoes Lazy with high-quality care reaches 500 grams. Tomatoes of medium density with delicate sugary pulp, and high taste characteristics. The fruit has 4-5 partitions, the dry matter content of 4.5%. Differs in high productivity, on 5-6 kg from a bush. Tomatoes are tasty fresh, there are practically no seed chambers, tender pulp is great for salads, suitable for salting and pickling, and can be used dried. From fruits it turns out high quality tomato paste. Like all nightshade, this variety of tomatoes is self-pollinating, but the bees improve the quality of flowering.

The lazy dog ​​does not lose its presentation during transportation; its smooth, dense skin allows the fruit to keep its appearance for a long time.

Where the variety was bred, the optimal conditions for growing

The ability to tolerate coolness and temperature drops is due to the fact thatort was bred by Siberia breeders. Lazyka spreads under the brand Siberian Garden, its official representative office is located in Novosibirsk.

Tomato Lazyayka designed for growing in the harsh climatic conditions of central Russia

In the southern regions and regions of the middle band Lazyayka produces high yields in the open field, in the Ural and Siberian regions, tomatoes are planted under the film. In southern arid areas, these tomatoes require additional watering.

The variety does not tolerate heat and drought.

The shrubs of these tomatoes are not higher than 60 cm, large greenhouses are not needed for the variety. The compactness of the bush allows you to grow this fruitful variety in small summer cottages and greenhouses.

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety has a lot of undeniable merits, which is why it has gained admirers in a short time of existence. They note the following benefits of the Lazybones:

  • bush formation not necessary;
  • compactness plants with high productivity;
  • well tolerated cool and temperature drops;
  • possess pest resistance and diseases;
  • fruits are large, with great taste;
  • have high commodity quality, well tolerated transportation;
  • tomatoes of this variety get excellent preparations for the winter;
  • tomatoes ripen quickly and together.
The taste of tomato Lazy harmonious, sugary, pleasant

Each gardener will discover the best qualities of the variety. The simplicity of growing speaks of his name, which is fully justified.

A small number of flaws, he still has:

  1. Bushes need to tie up, branches often do not stand heavy fruit.
  2. is he does not tolerate heat and drought, needs additional regular watering.
  3. For good yields, fertile soil is needed.

The advantages are much greater, but the choice remains for the gardener.

How and when to sow seeds on seedlings

Choose the best time for sowing seeds for seedlings for your region. Late planting will not eat early tomatoes. Too early will result in the re-growing of seedlings, which in this case does not take root well at the site of permanent planting. The period of 45-50 days is the ideal difference between sowing seeds and planting grown plants on the beds. Usually Lazy is planted in the period from March 20 to April 5.

Disinfecting Tomato Seeds Before Planting

Before planting, the seeds are inspected, small and damaged ones are harvested, the rest are soaked. After a few minutes, the seeds that float to the surface are poured together with water, and the large ones remaining on the bottom are placed in a saturated pink solution of potassium permanganate for 30-60 minutes. You can put the seeds in a solution of growth stimulant and a mixture of complex fertilizers. This will improve germination.

Soil for seedlings

Usually it is brought from the country. For planting tomatoes, it is better to use the soil on which carrot, cucumber or beetroot used to grow. Garden beds for tomatoes, then placed in the same place.

The soil prepared for seedlings is calcined in the oven or disinfected with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate. Sometimes they use soil mixture for tomatoes, which is sold in the store.

Soil disinfection before planting tomato seeds

Seeds are not sown too deep, 1.5 cm of upper layer is enough. The soil should be loose and wet, saturation of the soil with oxygen will provide improved germination, besides they are not watered until germination.

Planting seeds

Seeds are sown in a moist soil at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. Capacities with seeds cover with a film and leave in a warm place. Until the emergence of seedlings do not water. After emergence of shoots the film is removed.

The first shoots of tomato Lazy

After the appearance of 2-3 leaves, seedlings dive. Seedlings are placed in separate pots.

Use peat pots when picking. They can be placed in the open ground together with the seedlings and not disturbed, once again, tender shoots. Peat pot will serve as additional fertilizer.

A week or one and a half before planting, you should start to take out seedlings to the open air. Such a gradual hardening makes it easier to transfer the plant relocation to the garden.

Transplantation in open ground

To a permanent place seedlings tomato Lazyka transferred at the age of 50-55 days

To plant seedlings in the ground should be when the temperature at night stops falling below + 10 ° C. Determinant varieties, which include Lazyayka, between bushes enough 20 cm. Determinancy - this frightening term, means short stature. Transplanted carefully so as not to damage the delicate roots of young plants.


  • Make sure the plant gets enough watering. Like all tomatoes, water Lazy need to root. Periodic weeding and loosening the soil, will increase yields.
  • The plant needs fertilizer. During the growing season, 3-4 supplements are produced alternating organic fertilizers with mineral fertilizers.
  • The peculiarity of the variety is that all stepchildren below the first brush should be carefully trimmed.
To get a good harvest, tomato bushes Lazyayka be sure to stepchild
  • Because the fruits are very large, you need to tie up the plant. Even very strong branches will break without a garter.

Disease prevention

Tomatoes of this variety are disease resistant, in the open field do not suffer from fungal diseases and rot, if you do not fill the beds. When growing greenhouse or greenhouse, planting is regularly aired.

Plants are planted in those areas where their relatives in the family (potatoes, peppers, eggplants) used to grow. Different solanaceae have the same enemies, diseases, in addition, planting similar plants in one place, impoverishes the soil. In this case, one does not have to wait for a good harvest.

Plants are resistant to diseases, but for their prevention it is necessary to spray fungicides

Tomato seeds for the next year

Since the Lazy variety is a hybrid, get planting material from them is impossible. If you want to plant it on your plot, buy seeds.

Large beautiful fruits Lazy with proper care will be the subject of burning envy of the neighbors and your pride. Excellent taste, good preservation of fruits, ease of cultivation. All this adds to the popularity of the variety, for residents of cold regions, it is simply a godsend.