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How to dry the hot pepper at home


Dried vegetables and fruits of humanity began to use for a long time. At a time when there was no household appliances, it was one of the few ways to preserve the harvest. Until now, drying vegetables is considered not only simple, but economically and financially method. Dry bitter pepper easily and simply, you will see this by reading the article.

Specificity of drying for the winter

Bitter pepper is a product that is applicable in many areas of human life. It is used in cooking, cosmetology and medicine. This spice is from Central America. In Mexico and Guatemala, where the largest number of species grows, the mention of it dates from another 15th century. In the Old World, the plant became widespread in the early 16th century. It was imported to Russia from Turkey only at the end of the 16th century.

Contains vitamins, carotene and essential oils

Hot peppers are used most often in powder form. Today, this spice is one of the most common. Practically in every house on the table are pepper shakers with red powder.

Season with red pepper can be almost any dish. It will not lose its taste from this, but will only acquire a certain piquancy. The main thing is not to overdo it. Liquid sauces, which are based on red pepper, are particularly popular today. In medicine, based on it, most natural warming ointments are prepared.

Pepper extract is widely used in anti-inflammatory ointments.

By the number of nutrients it is not inferior to other valuable plants. Vitamins A, B, C; magnesium, iron, potassium - this is just an incomplete list of them.

In order to dry the vegetable at home, it must first prepare. First, you need to sort the pods.

For drying, only specimens with a uniform color are suitable. Lack of damage and all inclusions guarantees the best result during drying.

Damaged pods are better not to be dried and stored. Secondly, the selected pods should be washed under running water and dried with a cotton towel. Thirdly, after a couple of days, when the pepper is slightly dried, it needs to be cut into small pieces.

If it is decided to dry the whole, then it is not necessary to do this, the small pods dry completely. It is recommended to cut it with rubber gloves, as a vegetable can easily eat up on contact with skin or mucous membranes.

To prevent skin from burning hands after processing vegetables, use gloves while cooking.

The thickness of the cut pieces should be no more than 0.5 cm. In addition, the seeds are previously removed.

It is important when working with a bitter product to always observe safety precautions. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the pods.

You can dry in several ways. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, after drying in an oven or an electric dryer, the pods can easily be ground to a powder. Air-dried pod grind harder.

Dried pods are further ground on a coffee grinder for real seasoning.

In the oven

Immediately before the drying oven must be heated to a temperature of 50-60 degrees. Then, finely chopped pepper is laid on parchment paper and baking sheet and left for three to four hours.

Control that the pepper does not burn under the hot spirals.

An alternative to the oven can be a grill. All this time you need to make sure that the cutting dries out evenly, for this you need to mix it occasionally. After a few hours, when the moisture is completely evaporated, the dried product can be taken out and after a day packed for storage. Such proper drying preserves a large amount of the plant’s original nutrients.

How to dry in electric drier

Modern hostesses had an excellent opportunity to dry vegetables and fruits in dryers. This type of household appliances, such as dried VOLTERA 1000 Lux, has a number of advantages: first, it is equipped with several tiers with trays on which products are laid; secondly, the dryers have a special ventilation system, which guarantees the safety of supplies from rotting; thirdly, in such a dryer, you can quickly adjust the temperature.

To prevent the vegetable from losing vitamins and trace elements during cooking, do not allow the temperature to rise above 40-50 degrees

The drying process is as follows: pre-prepared peppers are placed on the grids and the device is turned on for a maximum power of 10-12 hours. Chopped pods are half dried. Then dried pepper is stored.

How to dry hot pods in the fresh air entirely on a string

Drying under the sun is the most affordable and popular method. The pods are strung on a thread. This is done with a needle. Holes are made below the stem.

It is desirable that during drying the fruits do not touch each other, so they dry out more evenly.

It is important that the pods do not touch each other and be well ventilated. Chopped peppers are dried on paper or sieve. The disadvantage of this method is that it is the longest in time. But he is the most natural.

Microwave Recipe

The microwave is not the most convenient place for drying. But if you need to dry quickly, then it will fit most. Better in the microwave to dry the cut pods. For high-quality drying the average power is set. The liquid from the pepper in the microwave is evaporated in ten minutes.

In the microwave, load the already chopped pods, so they will be ready faster

Dried red pepper can be ground in a coffee grinder. Then for the winter it can be compactly expanded into pre-prepared jars. It is important that the container is tightly closed, otherwise the powder may be damp. Whole pods, by contrast, are recommended to be kept in containers covered with several layers of gauze or cloth. Such a pepper must have a constant supply of fresh air, then it will not get moldy.

Banks should not close tightly so that whole peppercorns are not moldy

Cooked spice is suitable, as a sharp and healthy seasoning, to many dishes. It is often used in recipes for the preparation of various salads, stews, canned food and other numerous pickles.

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