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Proper soaking of cucumber seeds before planting


Cucumbers are one of the popular vegetables, cultivated by almost every gardener. A lot of annoyance is experienced by the owners when the time and effort invested did not bring the expected results. The main factor for successful cultivation of greens is the correct preparation of cucumber seeds for planting, including soaking.

Mandatory check on the germination of cucumber seeds, whether to germinate

Calibrated Cucumber Seeds

Before sowing, be sure to check the seeds for germination. It is not known how long the old or low-quality seed has a vital reserve; therefore, it is not possible to wait for sprouts on the soil surface. To save time and money, it is recommended to make testing procedures for seed grains on the ability to germinate. This gives hope that the seedlings will be viable. During the soaking process, attention is paid to important factors:

  • seed modification in a humid environment;
  • germination rate;
  • the number of suitable grains from the selected number.
The easiest way to check the quality is to wrap the material for sowing in a damp cloth (flax, cotton). Practically all gardeners use this method.

The process looks like this: 10-15 pieces are taken from the total mass of seeds, and then laid out on a cloth moistened with warm water, laid out on a saucer. The top should be covered with plastic film and put the saucer in a warm place, protected from drafts (temperature range from 20 to 23 degrees). Several times a day you need to check the condition of the seeds, so as not to miss when the sprouts begin to bite. It is worth paying attention to the napkin, in case of drying it will be necessary to moisten it again.. To do this, just spray warm water from a spray bottle so as not to disturb the seeds.

Sprouted Cucumber Seeds
Seeds that have germinated in 60% are considered suitable for sowing (that is, out of 10 grains, 6 specimens formed keys). The faster the process, the more vitality the seed has.

How to soak:

  • the procedure is carried out only after disinfection of seeds;
  • the liquid used should be sufficient, there is no danger of full grain immersion;
  • when immersing the seed in the solution should be mixed several times with your hand or spatula;
  • after soaking the seed must be immediately planted in the ground or deposited for germination;
  • processing time depends on the solution used.

The right methods of home germination for planting in the ground

Seeds are soaked for 15-20 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate

In the process of preparing for seeding use one of the known methods of germination. The most popular and effective methods to germinate seeds are as follows.

Soak in saline for a while

Saline is considered universal, it allows you to determine the germination and show which specimens will sprout and which will not for almost any culture. The working solution is prepared from 6-10 g of common salt and an incomplete glass of warm water. The process itself involves filling the bowl first with seed, then filling the tank with the prepared liquid. After 6-8 minutes, the surfaced seeds are harvested, as they become unsuitable for planting. Those that have lasted all the time at the bottom have a good life potential. This process also makes it possible to disinfect the seed. After that, plant seeds can be safely.

After soaking the seeds, rinse with clean water and dry under natural conditions at a temperature of at least 20 ° C.

Soak in biologically active preparations for rapid germination

The soaking of seeds in a liquid enriched with biologically active preparations is considered multifunctional. The most famous are:

  • Zircon;
  • Solution of humate potassium or sodium;
  • Iwine;
  • Epin-Extra.

The method of treating seed with Zircon provides for the preparation of a working solution from 300 ml of water and 2 drops of the preparation and takes time. Soaking the grain in it lasts for 8-18 hours, during which time the sprouts should roll. The tool acts in areas such as stimulation of germination, strengthening the immune system.

A good result is obtained if you process the material Gumat. When used, a powder (1 gram) and 100 ml of water at room temperature are taken to prepare the mother liquor. Store the tool should be in a cool place (for example, in the refrigerator on the door). Before use, 1 ml of the solution is diluted with 100 ml of water. Seeds are soaked in the resulting liquid for 24 hours.
Ivin has an excellent stimulating and anti-stress effect. For soaking preparing a solution of 2 drops of funds and 2 liters of water at room temperature. Processing time is 18-24 hours. Which drug to choose depends on you.

Soda solutions will help sprout faster

Baking soda is useful not only in the kitchen, but also for garden work. It has an antimicrobial effect, helps to prolong the period of fruiting. For soaking a working solution is prepared from 1 liter of warm water and 1 teaspoon of soda. Defend the seeds in this solution need at least a day.
Disputes over the advisability of using soda have been going on for more than a year. The only thing that is not in doubt - it is the ability to soften the surface of the grain, allowing moisture to freely penetrate the seed. To enhance the effect, various recipes have been developed, which include the addition of other biostimulants:

  • aloe juice (200 ml of water, 5 ml of aloe juice, 1/4 tsp. of soda);
  • Tsitovita (5 drops of water, 1/5 tsp. Of soda, 350 ml of water).
Cooking soda solution
The combined effect provides fast germination, resistance to various infections and high yields with proper care.

Soaking in Épinay will allow to sprout seeds of cucumbers faster

The drug Epin has a wide spectrum of action. It is a regulator and adaptogen capable of controlling the balance of substances in the plant. The active ingredients of the product provide rapid germination of seeds, strengthen the culture immunity, resistance to a moist environment, which occurs as a result of heavy rainfall or flooding.
For the germination of the seeds of cucumbers prepare a solution of 100 ml of water and 1-2 drops of the drug. It is necessary to maintain them in a biostimulator for at least 18-20 hours at a temperature of 20-23 ° C, that is, the process is rather long.

Folk recipes for processing seedlings

Long before planting, the seeds were also germinated for fast germination. From generation to generation, perennial proven popular recipes are transmitted, which are used to this day. Carrots, pumpkins, beets, radishes, squash - this is only part of the plants, the seeds of which can be soaked in these solutions before planting. Here are some simple and effective options.

Recipe number 1 - allows you to sprout in 6 hours

An excellent stimulant is honey dissolved in water. For preparation use a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of a sweet component. The procedure is performed by filling the bowl with honey solution and immersing seed material in it for 6 hours.

Recipe number 2 - bring the landing

The seeds of cucumber germinate well in pure potato juice. To obtain it, you need to select a few roots and put them in the freezer for freezing. After being removed from the refrigerator, the potatoes should be thawed. Squeeze the juice you need to manually, it is quite simple. Soaked seeds in the juice settled for at least 8 hours.

Recipe number 3 - soak in the ashes

Making the ash solution - 1 teaspoon of ash per glass of water

Wood ash has a valuable chemical composition, rich in nutritious minerals and trace elements. This component can also be used for the germination of cucumber seeds. Initially preparing the infusion of boiled water (1 liter) and ash (2 tablespoons). The liquid must infuse for at least 2 days, after which the seeds are immersed in it for 6 hours.

Recipe №4 - process aloe juice

Soaking seed in aloe juice not only stimulates growth, but also strengthens the immune system of the plant. After this treatment, it will be easier to resist various diseases and pests of the young shoot. To get the juice from the home plant you need to cut off the mature leaves from the bottom of the stem. Wrapping them in paper (preferably parchment), you should put in the fridge for two weeks. After that, the juice is very easily squeezed out manually. The extracted liquid is diluted with a small amount of water and seeds are poured into the solution for a day.

For soaking cucumber seeds take the settled water. However, experienced gardeners noticed that the use of rainwater or thawed fluid is much more efficient.
Aloe juice is readily available - almost in every home.

The preparation process is not really difficult. It is not necessary when planting cucumbers to be guided only by information on the shelf life indicated on the package. Spending no more than a few minutes, you can verify the quality of the purchased material.