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8 best ways to plant cucumbers


The classic way of planting cucumbers in open ground is not the only one. Yes, and the greenhouse is now a little surprise anyone, because the imagination of modern gardeners abound. Trying to create the most favorable conditions for the cultivation of the beloved vegetable of all, new technologies were developed. Unusual methods include planting cucumber in a barrel, five-liter bottles, and we will look at the process of growing each of them step by step.

It is possible to plant cucumbers in the described manner in a country house in the Moscow region, the Leningrad Region, and even plant it on a balcony. The choice of method depends on the climatic conditions and your ideas.

Four unusual ways of planting cucumber

Among the most interesting and unexpected options for organizing the beds are the following.

In bags

The method of growing green rice in bags is very similar to the technology with the use of the barrel. Used as tare Packages with a capacity of 70-120 liters or regular sugar bags. They are filled with a mixture of soil and manure. Peat and humus will not interfere either.

If the tank is large, then dry grass and other small garden waste can be poured to the bottom. The thickness of the topsoil should be not less than 10-15 cm.

Bags for planting cucumbers choose volume of 70-120 liters
The place for bags is sunny and ventilated, but without drafts.

Installed bags from 3-4 sides propped up with metal rods. A wooden stick (about 2 m) is driven into the center of the improvised bed, at the top of which a nail is driven in. A line or cord is pulled from the nail to the support bars to create a trellis.

An important attribute is 3 plastic tubes 80-100 cm long, through which watering is carried out. They must have through holes from top to bottom for water supply to the soil.

In one bag landed 10-15 seeds. After forming 2-3 leaves, the shoots are thinned out, leaving the strongest from 3 to 6 pieces (depending on the size of the bag).

The cultivation technology with the use of bags has the following advantages:

  • saves space on the site;
  • does not require digging and weeding;
  • provides easy care of the bed;
  • fruits are clean, with heavy rain protected from rotting and damage.
The method of growing in bags helps save space

The drawbacks of the method are insignificant, because it only takes a little time and money to build vertical beds. And, of course, you need to monitor the level of soil moisture in order to get a quality crop.

Technology landing in a hut

The method involves driving in the center of the pipe (3 m) in such a way that 1 m goes underground. A circle with a diameter of about 1 m is marked on it. According to the scheme, 4 wooden sticks with a pipe mount are installed. The result is frame tent or tent.

Between you need to plant seeds or seedlings at intervals 30 cm. When the sprouts reach 15 cm, the cord is fixed in a circle on the supports to the very top, forming a trellis. On it will crawl up the whip. It is possible to grow in such a way and not compact, but a tall bush, but you can be engaged in its shaping.

You can start planting beds a couple of weeks earlier, because the film can be fixed on the frame, which will prevent the plants from freezing.

Advantages of the method:

  • economical allocation of free space for the beds;
  • fruit do not pollute with soil, rotting as a result of an overabundance of moisture is excluded;
  • such beds decorate the garden, serve as shading to other plants that are afraid of the sun.
Landing on the frame in the form of a hut

There are practically no shortcomings in the landing organization of landing, it is necessary only to work with the construction of the supporting structure. The only significant disadvantage is the slow development of bushes planted on the north side, a little lack of light.

How to land in old car tires

This growing technology is different compact and unusual design beds.

The process of creating a vertical structure is to install 3-5 tires on top of each other and filling the cavity first with large garden waste, then with a mixture of soil, rotted manure and peat.

In the center a pipe is dug in with holes along the entire length through which watering is carried out. If to install arcs over the structure, then the landing can be started earlier by pulling the film over the rods.

Growing cucumbers in wheels allows you to collect 2 crops per season

Advantages of the method:

  • economical allocation of space under the garden;
  • bed mobility;
  • unusual design;
  • you can plant cucumbers twice per season.


  • have to work on the installation and design;
  • need to find tires;
  • soil is suitable only loose and light.

How to grow on willow twigs

The method used by our ancestors.

The bottom line is the construction of willow twigs. This material characterized by high flexibility. In addition, in contact with the plant feels comfortable.

Along a row with planted seeds or seedlings, supports from thick branches or thin wooden sticks are driven into the ground. Between them willow twisted. Knitting at the same time should not be dense, cucumbers need light and air. The developing whip is spreading along the hedge, forming a vertical bed.

Advantages of the method:

  • space saving under the garden;
  • willow branches create diffused light, which eliminates the burning of the plant in case of steady hot weather;
  • neighboring cultures get light shading;
  • reduced risk of fungal infections.
Frame made of wicker lash for growing cucumber

The main disadvantage of the method is the procurement of the necessary material and the complexity of creating a bed.

How to plant in open ground under the film

The use of shelter on productive beds gives you the opportunity to get high-quality fruit. As a covering material is used polyethylene film or agrofibre.

Important technology factors are:

  • good illumination;
  • warm water irrigation;
  • the introduction of nitrogen, phosphate fertilizers and organic supplements;
  • loosening and weeding the soil.

With a settled daytime temperature 22-23 degrees begin sowing seeds in open ground. After watering the bed is covered with a film. The edges are carefully pressed to the ground with bricks or other fasteners.

Planting cucumbers under film requires constant care

After the emergence of seedlings in the daytime, the bed must be opened, and at night the covering material is closed to protect the plants from the minus and possible frosts, which may even be in May. Such protection prevents freezing of seedlings and rotting in case of rainy weather.

As the seedlings grow set the arc of metal rods for fixing film on them. It is important to adhere to the general rules for the care of cucumbers, which consist in regular irrigation, ventilation, and the introduction of bait.

The technology of growing greens under the film allows you to start early seeding. The period of fruiting, respectively, comes faster.

Proper landing in plastic five-liter bottles

The method of growing greens in five-liter bottles is ideal to grow in regions with a harsh climate. It does not need to transplant young shoots on the greenhouse beds.

The essence of the method is to fill the prepared tank a mixture of fertile soil, peat and wood ash. At the bottom of the container should be made several drainage holes, cut off the upper part before the formation of 2-3 leaves is not recommended. It can serve as a cover to create a greenhouse effect.

Planting in bottles is well suited for regions with a harsh climate.

In the prepared soil are immersed germinated seeds. As soon as shoots seem, it is necessary to provide good illumination. When saplings reach 15 cm, you will need to install an improvised trellis for the garter of a developing whip.

It is possible to exhibit bottles with grown seedlings in a greenhouse, a greenhouse, and even in an open garden. The main thing is to provide good access of light and to eliminate drafts.

A plastic bottle with a capacity of 5 liters can be used in a different way. The upper part digs into the ground when transferring to the garden, and the upper part when seeding is cut off completely. The depth of immersion in the ground is slightly more than the length of the spade bayonet.

Growing cucumbers in a barrel

This method involves the use of large barrels placed on the site in a convenient manner.

The main advantage of technology - space saving, even on a small courtyard it is quite possible to make a good harvest. Capacities will approach both old, and new wooden kegs or from metal.

Method works with proper formation of interlayers in the barrel. For starters, the bottom of the tank is drilled through holes or simply cut. This is necessary so that excess moisture does not stagnate in the soil, otherwise it will turn sour. In the case of plastic containers, it is reasonable to make holes along the contour.

The first layer (1/3 capacity) is poured large branches, sticks and pebbles (expanded clay, crushed stone) to obtain drainage. The following layers are stacked in this order:

  • garden waste, paper (2/3 capacity) mixed with soil;
  • substrate (10-25 cm).
Both plastic and metal barrels can be used for planting.

The soil is used purchased, suitable for cucumbers, or cooked with his own hands. For this, fertile soil is mixed with manure, humus, compost. If the ground is too dense, it is diluted with coarse river sand.

Centered in barrel dropping a five-liter bottle without bottom neck down. This kind of container serves as a moisture distributor for irrigation, through which additional fertilizers and fertilizers are also introduced. Small openings need to be made from all sides of the container, so the irrigation system will function more efficiently.

After installing and filling the barrel with the mixture, regular watering with warm water or a solution of the EM preparation should be performed.

In a 200 liter barrel optimally planted on 4-6 saplings (depending on the variety of cucumbers). When using plants that differ in a long whip, it is recommended to build a frame of crossed rods bent in an arc over the barrel.

How to plant seedlings in peat tablets

The technology is used for growing seedlings.

The main advantage is complete preservation of the root system during transplantation. Young shoots of cucumbers are distinguished by underdeveloped roots, therefore, when transferring a seedling to a bed, the probability of plant death is high. In the case of a peat tablet, this is excluded, since the shoot escapes into the hole with it.

The principle of growing seedlings is as follows:

  • peat cups are placed in a container with low sides, filled with water;
  • after swelling the workpiece in the recess is lowered along the grain;
  • the container is covered with foil;
  • the capacity is put in a warm place;
  • as the peat dries, moisture is produced;
  • after seedlings germinate, the box is placed in a well-lit place.

After laying the seeds in the burial, some gardeners are advised to sprinkle them with peat for 1-2 mm.

The use of this technology eliminates the additional cost of consumables, reduces the time of disembarkation. Besides the place to grow seedlings in peat pots do not need much, the container mobile and easy to maintain. When transplanting the plant is not injured and quickly take root in the garden.

Using simultaneously several methods of growing cucumbers, it is possible to obtain a guaranteed harvest regardless of the vagaries of the weather and the climatic characteristics of the region. And with the right approach, to pamper loved ones and friends with fresh green stuff really year-round.