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The yield of cucumbers from 1 sq m in the greenhouse


The climatic conditions of some regions and the unfavorable ecological background negatively affect the development of cucumbers. As a result of the influence of external factors, low germination of seeds, reduction of the period of fruiting, reduction of the taste of fruits are noted. For these reasons, and to obtain early harvest, gardeners grow crops in greenhouse conditions. To increase the yield of cucumbers from one square meter can be carried out by planting plants in the greenhouse.

How much harvest can be collected from 1 square meter growing in garden beds

Greenhouse conditions for the plant are the most acceptable: it creates the desired temperature and a high degree of humidity. Cucumbers react to both factors very positively, as a result of which it is easy to harvest a good harvest. In addition, there are many advantages of this method of cultivation:

  • the ability to enrich the soil composition with nutrients or completely replace it;
  • limit the access of precipitation to the garden bed;
  • reduce the risk of plant infection;
  • getting early harvest and prolonging the fruiting period;
  • control irrigation (the amount of fluid and its temperature);
  • competent introduction of dressings.
When using greenhouse cultivation technology, it is important to choose suitable varieties. Among the existing ones there are many that are not suitable for greenhouses.

Prepare a greenhouse for planting need to fall. Surfaces of the structure are washed out and treated with lime mortar for the purpose of disinfection. The soil is fertilized and covered with a thick layer of mulch. In the spring, after cleaning the soil and walls, the soil is enriched with organic matter (manure, humus).

The landing is done in rows, so that it is more convenient to make a garter of lashes on the trellis. On the square meter planted 3 bushes. The interval between rows is at least 50 cm, so that it was convenient to move along the beds.

Yield largely depends on the selected variety and type of greenhouse. Among the most prolific varieties are the following varieties:

  • Tumi - up to 11 kg from a bush;
  • Cupid F1 - from 30 to 50 kg per m2;
  • Herman F1 - up to 25 kg / m2;
  • Prestige F1 - up to 28 kg per m2;
  • Ekol F1 - up to 9 kg from a bush.
Cucumber Productivity

The right ways to store fresh cucumbers

Growing a good harvest is half the battle. It is important to preserve it for fresh consumption and preservation. There are many proven and new technologies that can be adopted. How much can you store cucumbers depends on storage conditions.

Cold storage conditions

In order for cucumbers to preserve their presentation and taste, it is recommended to use a refrigerator. The knowledge of some rules and techniques will allow you to enjoy the aroma and freshness of green stuff from 3 days to a month and to increase the shelf life.

Vegetable slots

About 3 days the fruits do not change their qualities, if they are placed in a tray for vegetables. At the same time to conduct special training is not necessary.

In plastic bag

Up to 10 days, the fruit remains usable when packed in a plastic bag and covered with wet gauze. Keep the packaging open for air circulation.

In paper towels

If you wrap each green leaf with a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag without closing it from above, the shelf life is increased to 2 weeks.

In a water tray

The cucumbers will remain dense and fresh for up to 3-4 weeks when stored in a tray with water. To do this, liquid is collected in the container by 1-2 cm. All fruits are placed into it vertically with their tails down. The tray itself is placed in the vegetable compartment. Water needs to be changed every 2-3 days.

In egg white

To extend the shelf life of cucumbers up to 1 month, you can use egg white. To do this, you need to prepare the fruit - wash and dry with a paper towel. While vegetables are dried by a natural method, you need to separate the white from the yolk and whisk it a little. Then each cucumber need to dip and dry on the grid. The resulting protein film prevents evaporation of moisture, with the result that green stuff is stored for a long time (at least a month) in the vegetable tray of the refrigerator.

When storing cucumbers in the refrigerator, it is recommended to regularly monitor the temperature conditions. When the temperature drops to 0 °, the vegetable flesh softens and becomes unsuitable for human consumption.
Cucumbers in the fridge

How to keep a cucumber at home

Enough storage methods for cucumbers and indoors.

In carton box

The shortest time (2-3 days) is provided by a cardboard box or wooden box. The harvest is laid out neatly in a container and placed in a room with a temperature regime of at least 10-15 °.

A little longer to preserve the fruit will come when the mode is lowered to 6-8 ° - up to 10 days.

Wet cloth

For about a week, greengrass remains fresh when wrapped in a damp cloth and placed in a cool room with a temperature of 6-7 °. Where it is important to prevent the fabric from drying out so as not to disturb the moisture regime.

Regardless of the method used, it is necessary to inspect the vegetables every 3 days and remove the damaged specimens.

Storage of cucumbers indoors

The main mistakes in the storage of the crop

Home method of storing cucumbers has its own nuances. What kind of methods they did not invent to increase the shelf life of cucumbers, while allowing for gross errors. Among the most misguided advice are the following.

  • Packaging of fruits in cellophane where there is no air access to cucumbers. With such storage, the microenvironment is quickly formed, which leads to the spread of rot.
  • Filling a vegetable tray or container with cucumbers and other fresh fruits, vegetables that produce ethylene. The substance provokes biochemical processes that accelerate the ripening of greens.
  • Leave the container with cucumbers in a lit room can not. Under the action of ultraviolet peel changes color, yellowness appears.
  • Put the fruits in boxes or boxes only need to dry. If the harvest occurred in the rain, then you need to give time to dry. Wet cucumbers quickly wither and rot.
  • Before preparing the fruits for storage, they are kept at room temperature for several days. This is a mistake. Fruits should be prepared as soon as possible and sent to the refrigerator or to the cellar.
Proper storage of cucumbers

It is completely simple to build a greenhouse, the benefit of the choice of materials allows you to choose the best design option. For residents of regions with a harsh climate to grow any culture is quite problematic, and greenhouse conditions allow for 4-6 months to replenish the diet with fresh vegetables. Proper storage will prolong the period of replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals that cucumber is rich in.