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Detailed description and characteristics of the varieties of cucumbers zozulya


Properly selected variety increases the chances of a good harvest. Corners zozulya - ideal for growing in greenhouses and open ground on personal plots. The description and characteristics of this variety are presented below.

Description and characteristics of the varieties of cucumbers zozulya

Bred by domestic breeders, a variety of cucumbers is suitable for cultivation in most regions. In open ground, yields are weaker than under film cover. It is a hybrid of early ripening. Productivity comes in 42-48 days from the moment of landing. Considered to be a high-yielding variety from one 1 m², up to 20 kg of cucumbers can be collected.

Cucumber Zozulya characterized by an average length of the lash, needs a garter.

Fruits reach a length of 24 cm. The shape is thin, cylindrical, with pimples and spikes. Cucumber color is rich green. It has a thin, soft skin. The pulp is fragrant with small seeds. On the bushes cucumbers do not overgrow. After harvesting for a long time keep a fresh look. Weight of one ripe cucumber to 300 gr. The variety is considered commercially attractive for subsequent sale.

A hybrid plant does not require pollination. However, planting male plants for pollination increases productivity. In the care of unpretentious variety, resistant to adverse weather conditions. The bush weakly weaves without side branches. Pinching and pinching is not necessary. Cucumbers do not turn yellow for a long time; they retain their presentation for up to 5-6 days provided they are properly stored.

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. Corners zozulya intended for making salads and eating fresh. For preservation, pickling and pickling, they are not suitable.
  2. Well kept in the refrigerator, if the storage rules are not followed, they become soft and shriveled.
  3. No damage to the growth bushes transfer temperature drops.
  4. High yield observed only with greenhouse cultivation.
  5. Planted better seeds The way of planting seedlings is very time consuming.
The ripening period of cucumbers Zozulya F1 is approximately 40-45 days
Do not try to grow cucumbers from harvested seeds, hybrid varieties are not suitable for this.

Requirements for soil for planting

The soil should be loose and sufficiently fertilized. In particular, cucumbers of this variety are grown in greenhouses. The soil is prepared taking into account the peculiarities of growing vegetable crops under the film. The soil should consist of peat, sod land and humus. The soil should have a neutral acidity. Light and fertile soil - a guarantee of high yield of cucumbers. The thickness of the fertile substrate should be 15-20 cm.

To protect the crop from diseases, the soil must be decontaminated. You can disinfect the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate. Potassium parchment (potassium permanganate) 3 gr. Is added to 10 liters of water. the resulting solution is watered in a greenhouse or garden. Summer residents often use mustard powder for soil disinfection. It is scattered over the ground, folded from above, using a rake.

Before planting cucumbers, soil is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate

There are also chemical methods of soil disinfection. The introduction of drugs into the soil eliminates it from pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases. Use funds according to the attached instructions. Recently, biological preparations have been widely used. After processing, the area is dug up, planting cucumbers can be carried out after 4-5 days.

Treatment of soil pests with chemicals does not guarantee that cucumbers will benefit from this.

Sowing rules

  1. It is recommended to sow with seeds, exclusively purchased. When purchasing seeds, pay attention to the date of manufacture and shelf life.
  2. Seeds of this variety do not need to germinate. However, if you want them to ascend faster, they can be kept in a damp cloth for 2-3 days.
  3. Hole spacing must be respected within 30-35 cm.
  4. Recommended temperature condition for planting cucumbers Zozulya 25-28 degrees.
  5. The wells where the seeds are placed, watered, lightly sprinkled with sawdust and fall asleep with a thin layer of earth.
  6. Until the emergence of seedlings the wells are watered make sure the soil does not dry out.
  7. Also needed in the greenhouse control the temperature.

Care of the variety after planting in the greenhouse

There are no special recommendations regarding the cucumber variety, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the bushes so that they are not affected by diseases and pests. In the process of growth, bushes are formed, tied with whip ropes. Harvest regularly harvest, so that the greens are not overgrown. Water and fertilize fertilizing bushes. If necessary, use regulators and growth stimulants. Growing cucumbers in the open field, they better make shelter from the sun. Above the bushes to organize a canopy of garden fabric or any other material.

Feeding scheme

Liquid feeding of cucumbers
  • top dressing has a positive effect on growth processes, promote early flowering;
  • prolongs the fruiting period, after feeding, the bushes give a long harvest;
  • are improving taste qualities cucumbers;
  • bushes become more resistant to diseases and pest;
  • first dressing produced when there are good shoots in two leaves;
  • In the fall, fertilizing is done after harvest. - This procedure will make the soil fertile for spring planting;
  • in the spring make feeding several weeks before planting;
  • the following feeding must be done 5-7 days before landing.

Diseases and their prevention

Gourd aphid on cucumbers

In greenhouses, cucumbers are ill more often than in open ground. Enclosed premises provoke the development of diseases. If the soil is not disinfected properly, cucumbers can be affected by melon aphid. The development of aphids occurs quickly, the cucumbers turn yellow, the appearance of the green of the bush changes. It is necessary to treat the plants with Carbofos, Phosbecid or the Commander.

Dangerous disease of cucumber cladosporiosis

Signs of Cladosporia on Cucumbers

Affected bushes are covered with ulcers of a green-brown color. On day 3, the leaves begin to darken, later collapse and dry. The disease often occurs in a period of high humidity, heavy rain. The disease affects the bushes and fruits. To help the plant, you need to stop watering. It should be processed Bordeaux liquid or means oxy. Processing is carried out according to the scheme indicated on the packaging.

Any disease of the bushes is easier to prevent than to cure.

Harvesting and storage rules

  1. Cucumbers are carefully removed from the kut, otherwise you can damage the plant. Zelentsy removed from the bush, pinch their tails with nails.
  2. Assembled harvest put in boxes. If you throw them, the presentation will spoil.
  3. Keep crates in a cool place. or a fridge. Shelf life up to 7 days.
  4. To wet the harvest is not necessary, to extend their safety, you can put a bucket of water in the room where cucumbers are stored.

Cucumbers Zozulya mainly grown in greenhouses. For blanks, they are not suitable, but give a good harvest. The variety has a good presentation, suitable for commerce. Does not require complex care. It has advantages over non-hybrid varieties.