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How to plant potatoes to get a good harvest


Almost every person has a cottage. It doesn't matter whose she is grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, or her own. And every year at the same time everyone is in a hurry to grow crops of vegetables and berries. One of these crops is potatoes, the cultivation of which, everyone should know. How to plant potatoes tell further.

Landing nuances

The optimal time for planting potatoes in the ground is end of april or beginning of may. Before this period, such an action cannot be done, because the culture may simply disappear into the cold earth. If the climate in your area is cool, then you should wait until the earth warms up. at least 10 degrees.

How to plant in the spring - a step by step process

In order to properly plant potatoes, you should follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • A few weeks before disembarking should keep the tubers warm, then cover the boxes with some translucent material and leave in a cool bright place. When they release green shoots in the spring, it’s time to plant them in the ground.
  • Disinfection with boric acid or manure solution.
  • Preparation of soil for planting.
  • Planting potatoes.
  • Creating an optimal mode for growth.
When green shoots appear on the tubers - it's time to plant them in the ground

Planting potatoes in May

Planted potatoes need according to the testimony of the lunar calendar. In May you can choose such dates 9, 11 and 13 numbers.

To what date can you plant potatoes

In determining this date, it should be borne in mind that the vegetative period of this root is 90 days.

That is, if you plan to plant on July 1, then at the end of September, you can fully harvest.

What days it is impossible

Folk omens say that potatoes can not be planted in the ground on the following days:

  • On Wednesdays.
  • On Saturdays.
  • During the Palm Week.

If you ignore these rules, then the tubers will deteriorate and not give further growth.

Is it possible to plant potatoes in cold ground

Potatoes can only be planted in warm land.

Potatoes can not be planted in the cold land, because it can simply freeze in such weather and you will lose the entire crop, it is worth the time.

If you hurry and still take such a step, you need pay special attention to warming up and ensuring good living conditions for harvest.

What to use - large or small

Smaller tubers are called weight samples. up to 30 grams, medium - 30-80 gr, and large - more than 80 grams.

Very often, many gardeners use medium-sized potatoes, believing that this may be the best choice. But it is these patterns that usually grow from weakened plants.

There are only 2 of the best ways of planting:

  • Plant small tubers, but throw in the planting hole immediately several pieces.
  • Plant cut from large tubers. But on such objects should be present at least three eyes.
When planting cut tubers on them should be at least 3 eyes

Is it possible to plant fresh tubers

If someone believes that this method is unacceptable, then he is greatly mistaken. Use fresh potatoes when re-planting allows you to improve the harvest several times and to relieve the owners from problems with the storage of seed until spring.

This method is best used for those countries in which the period without frost is 180 days. This is observed in Odessa, Kherson, Poltava and other cities. For Irkutsk, this method will not work.

A distinctive feature of the landing of this type is that the new crop will grow slowly.

In what weather

Potatoes should be planted only when the frosts are over and the air temperature rises. up to 14-16 degrees. The earth should warm up at this time. up to 10 degrees.

There is a national sign, according to which, the root crop should be planted after the leaves on the birch become the size of a coin.

Potatoes can be planted only when the frost will pass

How often to plant potatoes

Potatoes can be planted several times a year, taking into account the fact that the full-growing period is 90 days.

How to plant in pelleted feed

Granular feed finds its use in the digging sites before winter. It is then that he is introduced into the soil to improve the characteristics of the applied soil.

Landing with manure

If you want to significantly increase the yield, it is better to use manure for fertilizer.

It can be applied in 2 ways:

  • Fertilizer land before the winter period. Submitted in the amount of 10 kg per 1 square meter.
  • Fertilizer per well. When planting occurs, it should be after laying the tuber sprinkle it with manure.
Manure is used to increase potato harvest.

Motoblock or shovel

You can plant potatoes by 2 methods:

  • Manually using a spade. Among the advantages of this technology, you can highlight the simplicity: one person simply digs a deep hole, and the second throws tubers and fertilizer. When the second one completes the sowing, the first one falls asleep the finished hole. After the process is completed, the ground is leveled with a rake, which allows the water to remain in the ground.
  • Using the tiller. The advantage of this method is the speed and low cost of manual efforts. The process begins with cutting furrows, after which germinated seeds are thrown there. After that, the wells can be instilled manually or using a cultivator.

What is green manure and what are they for?

Green manure are plants that are grown to improve the fertile properties of the soil.

What gives such a reception?

  1. Nitrogen enrichmentwhich makes up some of the plant nutrition.
  2. Soil loosening and structure improvement.
  3. Exclusion of erosion.
  4. Land Fortification nutrients and organic matter.
  5. Reduced weed growth.
  6. Elimination of pests and diseases.
  7. Earth protection against overheating.

Landing procedure

Sprouting tubers and preparing the soil

For the cultivation of potatoes should be germinated tubers 2 weekswhile removing white sprouts. Lay out the material on landing need a thin layer on the floor in a bright place. Readiness can be determined by the presence of green sprouts on the potato, but without additional specks.

If we talk about the detailed preparation of the soil, you should start with its fertilizer even before the onset of winter. When it's time to land, you should ensure necessary moisture and soil loosening. Digging should be replaced with splicing using forks. This allows the earth to be enriched with oxygen.

Features of growing in the country

If you have your own dacha, then when you grow potatoes, first choose the variety.

After all, someone prefers a root vegetable with yellow friable pulp, and someone with a white one. After that you need determine the method of cultivationwhich there are now a great many. But do not forget about the fertilizer of the soil.


Hilling helps protect the root crop from frost

Hilling of potatoes should be carried out after the plant rises 10 cm above the ground. This will allow with the help of filling to provide the root crop protection from frost. And after the potatoes grow to 40 cm, you need to fully pile up the beds, well covered with land aisle.

Very often, leaves, branches or hay - organic materials can be added to the bedding mix. This will allow longer to retain moisture in the ground, as well as prevent weeds from sprouting for a long time.

Watering and care

After the potatoes began to bloom, the main condition for a good harvest is high-quality watering.

It should be 2-3 times, if the summer is very hot, and if on the contrary, then 1 time is enough. But weeds need to be removed much more often, as well as to monitor the Colorado beetles.

Watering potatoes


Initially harvest need after 60 days after planting potatoes, but the main part should wait until the foliage is completely dried.

It is only necessary to remove the ready-made culture with forks in order not to damage the mounds. To grow crops in one place can only be 4 years, after which you need to give the earth a rest and move the plant to another place.

How to grow the "two-yielding" way

In many southern countries, gardeners use any method to grow as much of the crop as possible each year. And so today a method of growing potatoes has been developed. Twice a year, given that only early varieties are used.

The features of the method are:

  • Good potato samples need to be washed and cut, after which soak in a special solution for one and a half hours.
  • Sprout culture 10 days on the bed, covering with a small layer of soil.
  • After that, on July 10, you need to land the finished material in the ground and wait for the harvest.

Growing potatoes is a simple process if you follow a few basic rules:

  • Compliance with the process of preparing the material for planting and soil.
  • Creating an enabling environment for germination.
  • Plant nutrition.

If you follow all the above rules, you can achieve a good result even with minimal effort.