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4 ways to properly prepare dried carrots for the winter


The tradition to dry carrots came to us from ancient Russia and is still relevant today. Root contains a large amount of vitamins and beneficial to the body substances that are stored in the dried product. Preparation is universal and can be used for cooking any dishes, takes up little space, saves time, and the taste qualities of dried vegetables do not change.

The specificity of drying carrots at home

Properly prepare carrots for the winter by drying is not difficult. The process consists in the dehydration of the product by exposure to high temperatures or warm air, which distinguishes it from dried. When dried on the contrary, the vegetable dries out under the influence of low temperatures.

We take carrots of the average size and without defects

Before you start to dry carrots, it must be prepared. It is advisable to choose medium-sized roots, with a core that has not yet hardened. For this ideal early varieties or not overripe vegetables.

It is strictly impossible to use damaged or rotting fruit, and if there are stains on them, be sure to cut them out. Then wash the carrots thoroughly, cut the tops and clean. If the volume is large, you can do it with a vegetable cutter or a regular kitchen knife.

Sometimes, before drying, carrots are blanched in boiling water for 5-15 minutes, depending on the size of the fruit, but it is allowed to use raw vegetables.

You can cut the root vegetable with wheels, straws, semicircle, cubes or grate on a coarse grater. The pieces should not be thick, otherwise it will take a long time to dry them. In the future, to decorate some dishes, you can mix the figures cut in various ways.

Ways to properly dry

Procurement can be done in two different ways: using natural heat from the sun or using household gas and electrical appliances. When exposed to heat from the vegetable moisture and liquid is removed due to evaporation. It can be accelerated by resorting to the instruments, and natural drying delays the process for days and weeks.

In the oven

Oven drying is one of the most popular and affordable ways to stock carrots for storage. The disadvantage of this method is that the process must be constantly monitored and cannot be left unattended. The whole procedure takes from 5 to 8 hours depending on the method of cutting.

It is better to cover the baking sheet with parchment paper.

The baking sheet is covered with dry paper on which the cutting is laid out with a layer up to 1 cm in height. After heating the oven to 70 ° C, the sheet is placed inside, and the door is not covered, as in the absence of air circulation the vegetable can be burnt or roasted. Every few hours, the baking sheet should be removed and the mass should be stirred.

In the dryer

The principle of drying carrots in an electric dryer is similar to a billet using an oven. Cutting is also laid out in a thin layer on pallets; in an electric dryer, for example, VOLTERA 1000 Lux, a temperature regime of 70 ° C is set. For uniform drying, pallets should be interchanged from time to time. The essence of the method is the penetration of infrared radiation into the root, which accelerates the evaporation of the liquid.

From time to time it is advisable to turn the carrot plates

Drying in an electric dryer is the most convenient way and has several advantages:

  • convenience and simplicity of the process;
  • reduced time compared to natural drying;
  • insect protection;
  • compactness;
  • does not split carotene and other useful elements.

The device operates from the mains, and the process takes 10-12 hours, respectively, the disadvantages of this method can be attributed only to high consumption of electricity.

How to dry and wipe carrot in the fresh air

When natural drying in the sun you need to choose a place blown by the wind, but at the same time accessible to the sun. Ideal for this garden, vegetable garden or suburban area. In the selected area should not be dust and dirt.

Put on an open sunny place with good ventilation

Drying in the open air is the longest way of harvesting, because weather conditions may vary. In the absence of the sun, the process can be delayed for weeks, but this method has its own advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • does not require costs;
  • no need to constantly monitor the process.
In case of rain, you can put a beach umbrella and place the trays directly under it.

In the microwave      

For this method of drying, you can use a microwave of any power. Carrot slices are placed in a cup and the device is turned on for 3 minutes at maximum power.

At the end of the time the mixture is stirred and set for another 3 minutes. Next, you need to look at the state, but you can reduce power every time. Usually complete drying can be achieved in 5-6 approaches.

Dries as fast as possible, about 3 minutes

You can wrap the sliced ​​carrots with a paper towel and also heat it in the microwave in cycles of 3 minutes each. In this method, a glass of water should be placed inside the device in order to avoid drying out. This cooking method is very fast, but not the most popular.

Application in the winter of dried carrot tops

Often they use not only the root vegetable, but also the ground part of the vegetable - tops. Greens can be dried in the same way as the carrot itself, after rinsing it well. Then the tops are crushed with a knife, but it is allowed to dry it with bundles in a natural way. The drying time of the tops is significantly less than the root.

Suitable for sprinkling ready-made meat dishes

It is used as spicy seasoning for meat and fish, added to soups and main dishes, brewed in the form of herbal tea. This drink contains a large amount of nutrients, besides, in combination with mint has a refined unique taste.

Storage and use of root vegetables

After the end of the drying process, the carrots need to be cooled and put into sealed tin, glass, plastic containers and jars or paper bags. It is better to store seasoning in a dry dark place. You can use the product for several months, up to a year.

Stored in a refrigerator in a bag or in a dry glass container.

The product is added to the dish 15 minutes before it is ready, while the dry carrots do not require any additional preparation. It is convenient to use vegetable mixes when you can store dried onions, garlic, beets and other vegetables in one container mixed with carrots.

Dried carrots are a universal product, because it has found its application not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology and traditional medicine.

In addition to carrots, we offer to make dried potatoes, as well as to make chips from various vegetables and fruits.