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Proper care of strawberries in the spring and tips experienced gardeners


Spring care lays the foundation for the future harvest. Regardless of the landing time, the strawberry needs special attention in the spring after winter awakening. On mandatory activities and the intricacies of processing, as well as the advice of experienced gardeners will be discussed in this article.

Do I need strawberry care when planting in the open field?

Many believe that strawberries are unpretentious enough and bear fruit in any conditions. This opinion is based on the fact that in the wild, strawberries survive without care and bait. However, home beds are not the natural habitat of the culture, and many varieties are hybrids, requiring certain growing conditions.

Some species are very capricious, yield is reduced even with proper processing. And so that the plant is plentifully and for a long time fruited, it is necessary to put a lot of effort.

The most important are such events:

  • irrigation (for the vegetative process);
  • loosening (enrichment of soil with oxygen, preventing soil compaction);
  • bait (in order to increase the yield and quality of berries);
  • mulching (to protect the plant from drying out and frost);
  • transplanting (to extend the period of abundant fruiting).

Work on the beds need to start as soon as the snow melted and the ground dried up, no later than early May. For plants it is not only important, but also a vulnerable period, which is characterized by unstable weather, temperature fluctuations, and frosts on the ground. Support is needed to create favorable conditions during the formation of flowering buds that ripen into berries.

In order to accelerate the melting of late snow, gardeners sprinkle strawberry plantation with ash or salt (in moderate quantities).

Preparation of garden beds for the new season includes the following steps:

  • cleaning dry leaves, mulch, lined in the fall to protect plants from frost;
  • inspection of each bush in order to trim dry leaves, frozen shoots, excess tendrils;
  • weed removal;
  • loosening the soil;
  • soil enrichment nutrients.

After the inspection of the beds, it is necessary to determine which plants can move away from a slight freezing and which should be removed. If the bush has managed to freeze or freeze, it is noticeably weak or has most of the burgundy twigs, its better to remove. There will be little sense anyway.

Springtime is characterized by increased vegetative growth, so planting a new seedling in the garden to reanimate the crop will not be difficult. Moreover, the survival rate with such a landing in the country in the summer is quite high.

After the winter, the beds must be weeded and spud. Sapa must be wired carefully so as not to damage the roots.

Strawberries do not like being disturbed too much, so care should be taken when weeding and weeding, large weeds are better. pluck or cut near the ground surface pruning shears. This will limit the invasion of the root system of the culture.

Berry is especially sensitive to processing during the flowering period, so all the work on cleaning and processing the plant should be completed before this stage, making them, peeling strawberries should be step by step according to the instructions. In the opposite case, the inflorescences may fade on the damaged bush.

When weeding is recommended cut off the first mustacheso that they do not pull on nutrients during flowering. In addition, the second release is characterized by a more powerful structure, which contributes to the rapid rooting of new shoots.

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Среди садоводов есть немало народных рецептов, которые порой не уступают по эффективности магазинным. Один из вариантов предусматривает соединение медного купороса и извести. Такая смесь хорошо справляется с грибком и вредителями. Неплохо побеждает грибковые заболевания и марганцовка.

Важные хитрости при обработке и уходе

In addition to the general rules of strawberry care, there are various nuances and secrets, which are written by experienced gardeners. Their advice helps to increase productivity, saturate the berry with juiciness and unique taste.