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Characteristics and description of tomato varieties budenovka


Tomato variety Budenovka, according to gardeners, gives consistently good yields on any soils and in all weather conditions. You can get acquainted with the characteristics and detailed description of this variety in this review.

Characteristic varieties of tomato Budenovka

Mid-season variety of tomato Budenovka

It is a mid-season variety with large sweet fruits of a wide spectrum of action except whole-canning. Fruits do not crack when ripe. It can be cultivated both in greenhouses and in the open field. In the southern regions of Russia, it is grown in a seedless way.

For a seedless way, it is better to slightly grow the seeds to the state of two true leaves and plant two shoots in one well.


Externally, the tomato resembles a variety Bullish heart, as it has the same shape and color of the fruit. But he has great resistance to various diseases of tomatoes.

The color of immature fruits - typically light green, mature - pink, sometimes darker.

The bushes are indeterminate and therefore the top is removed from the bush, thereby stopping its growth. Wherein recommended to break off the tip at a height of 150 cm, the root system is powerful and very branched. A weak stem cannot bear the weight of large fruits and therefore requires a garter. Leaf plates of tomato type and they are quite small. There are 8 pieces of brushes; the first brush is already formed above 9 sheets and then every 3 sheets.

Ripening105 days from the moment of seed germination.
Yield7 kg from a bush.
Fruit shapeReminds heart.
Tomato colorPink
Average berry weight300-800 gr.
SkinThin and dense.
PulpMeaty with a sweet taste.
StorageIf you remove the fruit in the dairy maturity, then during ripening they are stored until November.
Maturation must take place in a dark place.

Reviews gardeners

Irina, Voronezh.Grow a variety for more than 10 years and is always pleased with the result. The fruits have good taste, and the bushes are not affected by diseases.

Konstantin, Stavropol.The variety does not degenerate, because I have been collecting seeds from my garden for 15 years. Tomato harvest satisfied.

Marina, Lugansk.She planted this year for the first time and was very pleased with the result. The only thing I did not like was that it was thin and fragile stems that required garters. But from a grade I will not refuse.

It is true that Budenovka is a favorite variety of gardeners.

Variety of tomatoes Budenovka won wide popularity due to its unpretentiousness to the conditions of cultivation and care

This variety is often planted, as it has such qualities:

  • Grows and matures In any weather;
  • The fruits have good flavoring qualities;
  • Absolutely disease resistant tomato type.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all varieties of tomatoes, this variety has its pros and cons.

Positive traits:

  • Large fruit;
  • Early ripening time fruits;
  • Tall and long-term yields;
  • Hybrid resistant to various diseases inherent in tomato bushes;
  • Simplicity in cultivation;
  • Grows with any weather conditions.
Variety Budenovka resistant to late blight, powdery mildew and other common diseases

Negative qualities:

  • Not applicable for whole canning.
As can be seen, the positive qualities noticeably predominate, and the variety is often grown on the household plots of Russia.

Vegetable growers reviews

Vegetable growers fully agree with gardeners and often plant this variety of tomatoes in their gardens, because Tomato has remarkable qualities - yield, precocity, unpretentiousness in the cultivation of the variety.


With an average of one bush can collect about 6 kg of tomato Budenovka

Bushes have a high yield. With proper cultivation from the bush collect up to 7 kg of tomato, which means that 20 kg will be received from one square meter. tomatoes with a marketable appearance and excellent taste.

Approach growing tomatoes properly, and not let the matter drift.

Tomato application

Tomatoes of this variety can be used for:

  1. Salads.
  2. Tomato juice.
  3. Tomato puree.
  4. Adjika.
The fruits are not suitable for whole canning because of its size.

Growing varieties Budenovka

So that the bushes grow properly, and the fruits match the variety, first you need to take care of growing seedlings.

Sowing in open ground

Sowing in open ground is made under film cover in early May.. For this, a bed is prepared by digging and adding nitrogen fertilizers to it. This may be rotted manure or compost heap land. The earth after digging should be leveled and free from large lumps. After this procedure, soil decontamination is required and therefore it is shed with a bright pink manganese potassium solution.

Soil preparation for planting tomato seeds

When the earth is prepared for planting seeds, it is made grooves no more than 2 cm deep and sow the seeds of tomatoes in increments of 5 cm.

Between the grooves leave 7 cm.

After all procedures set the arc and cover tomato crops with greenhouse film. Further care will consist of winding in warm weather and irrigation as needed. Seated on a permanent place, when there is no threat of spring return frosts.

Plant Care

Shrubs planted in the garden according to the scheme 60x30 cmWhen growing up, the stems are tied to stakes that will hold the weight of ripening fruits.

Lighting does not play a major role, as the variety is adapted to ripen in any weather.

After planting seedlings in the ground, the plants need to be watered 2 times a week, but over time, watering can be reduced to once in 7-10 days

Watering must be done three times per season:

  1. During flowering.
  2. During the laying of the fruit.
  3. During the extension of the fruit.
After watering, the next day, loosening and weeding the land from harmful weeds.

Fertilizer is applied after each mandatory irrigation on wet soil. The composition must be complete mineral fertilizers.

Fight against diseases and pests

Dry rot

Can sometimes be infected with dry rot. - To avoid this disease, tomatoes are planted with seedlings. Then, with the onset of cold weather, the tomatoes will already be cleaned.


Harvesting is stretched for 2-3 months, as the fruits ripen at the same time. In mid-July, the fruits begin to ripen., as if from the inside.

To ripen more amicable tomatoes are ripped unripe, and they are laid out in a bright place. Then after 3 days they ripen.

Storage and use of tomatoes

Tomatoes can be stored only by tearing them in the dairy state, then they ripen for some time and are stored in a cool place.

Tomatoes varieties Budenovka great for making salads

You can use them in any culinary preparations.except whole canning due to the large size of the fruit.

Features of growing seedlings

In order to get healthy seedlings at the exit, it must be grown according to all the rules that require punctual performance of all actions.

Selection of seed material

Seed material is selected first. It is purchased only in specialized stores from reputable manufacturers.. Otherwise, it is possible to be greatly disappointed in the result of the harvest, as it will not correspond to the grade declared on the label.

Soaking tomato seeds, germination test

After purchase, if the seeds are not processed and not tested for germination properly, their before landing dipped in brine. It is not difficult to prepare half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water and tomato seeds are poured into it. Those that surfaced are not suitable for growing seedlings - they are dead. The remaining seeds are soaked in a solution of Kornevin or another solution forming the roots. Then start planting seeds in the ground.

Step by Step process of planting seeds for seedlings

Further proceed to planting seeds for seedlings:

  • Pick up tanks with drainage holes to drain excess moisture after watering;
  • Fill up feeding ground consisting of black soil, peat and sand;
  • Spill using bottom irrigation and make grooves 1.5 cm deep;
  • In them spread the seeds in steps of 3 cm;
  • Ploshka covered with glass or put in a transparent plastic bag that improves seed germination;
  • After a friendly appearance of shoots, the glass / bag is removed and further care consists of irrigation and soil loosening;
  • When a sprout has 2 pairs of true leaves, spend dive seedling in a separate 500 gr. glasses
Sticking to all the points of growing seedlings, and then you get healthy seedlings, ready for planting in open ground.


Planting of seedlings is started only when the threat of recurrent frosts has passed. For Krasnodar Region, this is the first day of May, and in the Moscow Region this time will come in the first decade of June.

Before planting seedlings need to harden for this, during the week it is carried out periodically to fresh air and left in the shade first for 2 hours, and at the end it is brought to overnight seedlings in the open air.

Scheme of landing of seedling of tomato Budenovka in an open ground

After hardening start planting seedlings. This is done on an overcast day or, if there is none, the landing is done in the evening, so that the seedlings can adapt to a new place overnight. Wood ash is added to dug holes and shed with warm water.. Then they put the seedling in the center, without destroying the clod of earth, and cover it with earth. They squeeze the ground around the trunk with their hands and moisten it.

Around the planted seedlings spread mulch, protecting the ground from the evaporation of moisture.

Variety Budenovka not difficult to care and by their qualities often in demand among the population. Therefore, gardeners often planted it for their own needs, and for sale.