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Proper planting of strawberries in the spring in the open ground


The most favorite berry children and adults of course strawberries. The first berry vitamins after a long cold winter are enclosed in bright strawberry fruits.. She is present at any garden plot and in the spring she is the first to receive the attention of a host who wants to get an early harvest. In this review we will talk about the features of planting strawberry seedlings in open ground and further care.

The timing of planting strawberries in the open ground in spring

Often gardeners ask in which month it is better to plant strawberry seedlings? The optimal time for spring planting of strawberries depends on the region of cultivation and weather conditions (air temperature and soil heating). In the Moscow and Leningrad regions, in the Urals - this around the end of April beginning of May. In the south, seedlings are planted earlier.

It is possible to carry out planting of seedlings and in earlier periods having previously covered the area under planting with agrofibre for the quickest heating of the soil. Having planted the seedlings in the prepared soil, they create comfortable conditions for growth by covering the spanbond or film on the installed arcs.  Step-by-step instructions for selecting seedlings and planting them in open ground are given below.

Planting strawberry seedlings under film
When spring planting is important not to delay the planting dates and plant strawberries before the onset of hot summer days.

Selection of seedlings for a good harvest.

Properly selected seedlings are a pledge of the future harvest of strawberries, therefore, the choice of planting material should be taken seriously.

Strawberry seedlings are available in several types.:

  • with closed root system - seedlings grown in pots, plastic cups or cassettes;
  • with an open root system;
Strawberry seedling with open root system
  • green seedlings - Plants dug directly before planting and not subject to long storage, it is best if they are with a clod of earth;
Green strawberry seedling
  • frigo - these are annual plants dug out in the autumn, with a root system cleared of the ground and a completely removed leaf apparatus, stored until planting at a temperature of -2 ÷ 0˚C (frozen seedlings).
Frigo - frozen strawberry seedlings

When choosing any seedlings, you need to pay attention to:

  • root system - it should be well developed. When buying seedlings with a closed root system, well-developed roots sprout through drainage holes, which indicates their good viability;
  • saplings should be at least 3-4 leaflets saturated green color, without signs of wilting, brown spots and points;
  • heart (the central bud of the seedling, in which the stalks of the future crop are located) must be large at least 0.7 cm in diameter.

Gardeners usually grow their favorite strawberry varieties with a mustache that grows from the mother bush. To do this, take the first, departing from the sort of favorite outlet, the rest are removed during the season. If it is necessary for itself, then she is simply given the opportunity to take root next to the bush, and in the spring they are transplanted. If for sale or to share with friends her rooted in a cup, placing it next to the bush.

By choosing the right time for planting and high-quality seedlings, the survival rate of seedlings during spring planting is up to 80%.

Preparation of seedlings for planting in the garden

Saplings with a closed root system can not rush to immediately planted in the ground, they can safely develop in containers even before 2 weeks.

Saplings with open root system, if it is not possible to plant right away, you can put it in a dark plastic bag before landing, sprinkle it with water and put it in a dark cool place where they can stay for up to 5-7 days. During this time, the plants will release additional white roots and will take root well.

Before planting seedlings need:

  • on each seedling leave no more than 4 leaves, remove the rest, to improve survival;
  • cut the roots, their length should be no more than 10 cm;
  • before landing seedlings desirable to soak in a solution of growth stimulant, if the seedlings with a closed root system then pour the solution.

Ways of spring planting - scheme and step by step instructions

There are several ways of planting strawberries, of which each gardener chooses the most suitable for him.

In the tunnels

For an earlier harvest of berries and extension of strawberry fruiting in the fall use planting in tunnels. For cultivation in them are most suitable remontant varieties.

Installation of shelters strawberry beds can be started almost immediately after the snow. Installed from each other through 1 m iron or plastic frames of the tunnels covered with a film or covering material. At the onset of steadily warm days and at the beginning of strawberry flowering, the shelter should be lifted for airing and pollination of plants by insects.

On covering material

Planting strawberries on a black covering material has become very popular, since it has a large number of advantages:

  • weeds do not break through through agrofibre, they stop growing under it due to lack of light;
  • his mustache does not take rootI and they are easy to remove;
  • the berries are always cleanbecause no contact with the ground;
  • plant roots under cover material develop normally, because he passes moisture and air;
  • due to reduced plant contact with the ground, strawberry practically does not get sick and it is not inhabited by pests, and therefore, it is not treated with toxic chemicals;
  • in the winter under such shelter plant roots warm and comfortable.
The process of planting strawberries on covering material


The essence of the method consists in planting plants in nests, spaced from each other in a row after 30 cm, distance between rows 40 cm. Plants with this method of planting planted in the shape of a hexagon, with a distance of 10 cm between them, in the center of the figure also have a strawberry sapling.

Planting strawberries in the nest

Advantage of the method is to obtain abundant crops, because in the bush 5 times more plants than during normal planting.

Disadvantage is the need for a large number of seedlings, but when using your planting material is not expensive.


Bush planting strawberry is to planting seedlings in 40-60 cm.

Strawberry planting method

Berries with such a planting grow large, because the plants are not thickened, are well ventilated, they are easy to collect, but planting must constantly loosen and remove growing mustaches.

By lines

Planting strawberries in rows

When planting plants in rows, use one or two-line method of planting, the scheme is shown below:

  • With single line method plants are planted after 15-20 cm, the distance between the rows is 70 cm.
  • With a two-line method the distance between plants is no more than 20 cm, between rows 70.
One and two-row landing scheme

With this method of planting, it is convenient to rejuvenate the plants, directing the growing mustaches into the aisles, thus creating new beds and removing old rows.

There is still carpet way planting, the most common among summer residents, who are at sites rarely or simply do not have time to care for strawberries.

Carpet planting strawberries

Plants after planting any of the above methods allow you to grow uncontrollably, i.e. whiskers are not removed and planting turns into a beautiful solid strawberry carpet, under which practically weeds do not grow, moisture is retained. Landings do not need loosening, it is simply impossible to do. The disadvantage of this method is the gradual chopping of berries.

With any method of planting, the root neck of a strawberry seedling should be at ground level.
Scheme of proper planting strawberries

Proper care of seedlings after planting

After planting the plants for better survival they need to pritenit, covering them with spandbond or dry grass.

Care for newly planted plants consists of:

  1. In regular watering, as the strawberry is moisture-loving. In dry and hot weather, plants should be periodically sprayed.
  2. If the soil under the strawberries is unpulsed, then weeding and loosening the soil required.
  3. At least three times per season (before flowering, during fruiting and after it) strawberries need to feed.
  4. Prevention and disease control and pests.
  5. Removing excess whiskersweakening the plant. You can leave the first, departing from the parent bush mustache, which can be used as planting material.
Every 3-4 years the strawberry needs to be transplanted to a new place and the plantations updated with young plants in order to avoid the loss of varietal characteristics.

Using the above tips on choosing, planting and growing strawberry seedlings, you can perform spring planting for the season easily grow a good strawberry plantation, which begins to bear fruit and the next year to enjoy its juicy and large fruits.