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18 of the best varieties of tomatoes


In the world there is a huge variety of varieties of tomatoes. It is difficult for a gardener to choose, because each tomato has its own pros and cons. However, before growing, every lover of homemade tomatoes can independently study the characteristics of the intended variety.

The best tomatoes in yield

High-yielding tomatoes are considered if harvested 5 kg with 1 m2 plot. The yield of certain types of domestic and Dutch breeding reaches 20 kg with 1 m2. Grown in greenhouses for commercial purposes.

Without film coatings are suitable:

SortProductivity from 1 m2
WaterfallUp to 8 kg
AnastasiaUp to 13 kg
Raspberry giantFruit - 550 g
Nastya F118 kg
DiabolicFruit - 135 g
Over-yielding of individual varieties affects taste
It is noted that the super-yielding of various “breeds” is not reflected in the best way on zapha and taste.

By type of bush

The height of the bush are distinguished:

Bush lengthSort
Determinant or undersized55-105 cmRio Grande, Sanka, Bagheera F1
Medium thick85-115 cmVolgograd 5/95
Indeterminate or tallUp to 2mDe Barao, Mandarinka, Tarasenko 2

According to the shape of the plant

  • standard;
  • non-standard;
  • potato-shaped.

Stem - with strong stems, with medium corrugated leaves. Such categories of vegetables will not fall in trouble ...

In non-stemming varieties, the leaves are large, slightly corrugated, the stems are thinner than those of standard crops. They need tying.

Potato-like very resemble potatoes.

By mass

Allocate: very large, large, medium, small and cherry.

The smallest varieties - cherry

Large-fruited tomato varieties

Raspberry giantUp to 850 g
St. Andrew's surpriseUp to 750 g
Bull heartUp to 650 g
Wonder of the earthUp to 550 g


SortMass of fetus
Wonder of the world100 gr
Black moor40 gr
Tarasenko 260 gr
Wonder of the earthUp to 550 g
Cherry can be cultivated as a pot plant at home

Cherry is cultivated at home and on land. In demand: Lemon and Yantar, Noon and Green Pearl, Honey drop.

On stability

Under the resistance of tomatoes imply the ability to grow with temperature changes.

For cool climate suitable hybrids Siberian breeding.

Hardy categories:

SortMass of fetusFeatures
Shuttle60 grWeakly affected by diseases, transportable. Precocious.
Hospitableup to 550 grDeterminant
destructive force150 grEasy to care
Victor100 grMid-season, shtambovy, determinant
Snow tale35 grNumerous fruits. Have no need for support.
Variety Shuttle is slightly susceptible to disease

In the presence of the varieties of Ukrainian breeding, suitable for the north: Gospodar, Sonyachne Kolo, homestead.

By ripening time

Subdivided by description into ultra early, early, mid-ripening and late ripening.

Aging periodSort
Late-ripening135 daysTitan, Wonder of the World, Brown Sugar, De Barao
Mid-season110 daysHybrid 35, Pink Elephant, Volgograd, Tsarevna, Giant 5, Akulina, Danko
Early maturity105 daysAlpha, Amur Stand, White filling, Valentine, Don Juan, Superstar
Ultra early105 daysLittle Red Riding Hood, Far North, Nevsky, Sanka

By storage duration

For a long time tomatoes are stored due to its genetics, it prevents the ripening of fruits.

Late ripening hybrids for the most durable. The gardener begins to harvest at the drilling stage. Next, you should shift the harvested vegetables to a dark place and at room temperature the fruits will ripen to the desired result.

SortShelf life
Dominator, Lazarus, RadicalUp to 1.5 months
Giraffe, farmhouse pickling3.5-4 months
New Year, Finger, Long KeeperMore than 4 months

Disadvantage: rough skin, odorless and tasteless.

Varieties of long-term storage have poorly pronounced taste

Variety of tomatoes and their names


The popular variety with the unusual name Orlets is fruitful, 4 kg with 1m2. Tall A mid-early variety with rounded fruits of bright red color, such fruits weigh almost half a kilogram. Resistant to diseases.



Nikonovsky - salad, with pinkish tomatoes, pulp - fleshy, juicy.


Good wizard

Good wizard - early ripe, determinant, with spherical red-colored fruits, weighing 110 g. The pulp is delicious. Suitable for outdoor gardens, cottages.

Mid-season, indeterminantny grade 1.7 m high. Has high yield. The weight of the pink fruit is impressive - 500 g. Growing in a greenhouse.

Prepare from this category mainly drinks and salads.

33 heroes

Vegetation period is 110 days. Indeterminant. Yield. Grow in greenhouses and open land. Tomatoes are bright color and have the shape of a cube, mass up to 450 g. Used in salads, as well as great for juice. Drought resistant.

The term of ripening vegetable - reaches 123 days. Tomatoes are of a crimson color, glossy-round, with fleshy pulp, their weight can be in excess of 500 g. It will take root on open ground and in greenhouse cabins. Characteristic for salads.

33 heroes

Best bestos

Tall and mid-season variety with an unusual name of the letters of the Latin alphabet, which has high yield. Homeland - Bulgaria. Suitable for greenhouse cultivation.

Ribbed red raspberry tomatoes with plump skin. Weight comes up to 420 g. Pretty sweet to taste. Apply fresh and for canning in jars. Marked by the stability of the crop. Stress resistant.

Best bestos


The height of the bush - 1.6 m. Indeterminant, mid-season. In full aging, the mass can reach 650 g. The flesh is fleshy, has a shape - a round, flat, color - pale pink.

It is used in food for salads. For protected ground.

Abakansky pink

Indeterminate, mid-season variety with fleshy fruits. Weight - up to 520 g. Growing occurs in greenhouses and open areas.

It has a negative trait: can not be stored.
Abakansky pink

Abrika zebra

Tall, mid-season variety. Tomatoes brownish color and purple-green stripes. Have a quality assessment of taste.

Abrika zebra


Low hybrid, mid-season. For closed and open ground. Vegetables - rounded, yellowish in color, weighing less than 110 g. Characterized by sweetness and taste. Excellent demand for roll-ups and salads.



Tall, early ripe variety, length - 155 cm. Yielding. For greenhouse cultivation. Immet pear-shaped red fruit, characterized by ribbing. Meaty, with excellent taste resource, weigh up to 350 g.

Used by the consumer mainly for making salads. Not susceptible to phytophthora.



Indeterminate, more than 2 m high. Mid-season. Greenhouse option. With pink round vegetables and juicy flesh, about 250 g. Great for roll-ups and salads.



Indeterminant and middle late variety. Yield. Grown under greenhouse cover. Tomatoes - flatish, reddish color, fleshy. Good taste.

Weigh up to 500 g. Few seeds. Used for making salads, juices and tomato puree.



Determinant, low height, up to 45 cm. Early ripe variety. Yield. It is suitable under film shelters and on land. The fruits of tomato are red, flat, weighing about 90 g.

Differ very tasty receptors. Yield (4 kg from one bush). Not picky about cracking. Used for salads.

Weakly damaged during shipping. Susceptible to phytophthora.

Aghi Bulgaria

Tall, productive. Medium early. Suitable only for planting in greenhouses. Bright red round-shaped vegetables can reach up to 250 g. Excellent taste.

For salads and roll-ups. Weakly affected by disease. Grows in the north.

Adam's apple

Indeterminate, mid-season. The length can reach 1.6 m. It is recommended to plant both in the greenhouse and on the garden beds. Round tomatoes with a smooth thin skin of red color.

Weight reaches 200 g. Suitable for salads, as well as preservation. They tolerate cold weather.

Adam's apple


Determinant, mid-season culture. For greenhouse planting and open ground. Red-like vegetable, weighs 90 g. Good taste. Salt, canned, prepared salads.

Culture does not suffer from Fusarium. Good tolerance to drought.


It's pretty rare view tomatoes The average weight of the fetus is on average from 270-550 g. The color of these tomatoes raspberry-red. Differs taste. When the cut is sugary.

This category has a high yield. It grows best in open ground on the south side. It is used for juices and salads.

Rare variety 646


High-yielding and mid-season. The height of such a bush can reach 1.9 m. And the weight of a vegetable in its mature form is from 800g to 1kg. The flesh is fleshy and juicy, pink in color.

In the middle lane, it will be better to grow this category in greenhouses. However, in other regions it is possible to plant in the open field. 1884 is suitable for making fresh salad, juice and tomato sauce.

Variety of tomatoes 1884

In order not to be mistaken, choosing tomato varieties for the site, pay attention to all factors: crop care and adaptation, endurance and taste, susceptibility to weather events and yield, disease susceptibility and duration of storage.