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What are determinant and indeterminate varieties of tomato?


On seed packets, tomatoes indicate to which type the variety indicated on the package belongs - determinant or other. Depending on this, there is further cultivation of the tomato bush.


Inexperienced gardeners, reading the description of the variety, are wondering what the word means in the description means.

What does determinant tomato mean?

Determinantry means that the height of a tomato bush will be limited to a certain height.

What is it expressed in? Growth restriction occurs by the appearance of a floral brush, on which flowers first appear, and then fruits will begin to tie. Further growth will occur from the strong stepson, which will appear from the leaf bosom located immediately under the brush on the top of the bush.

Determinant variety of tomatoes

Determinant tomatoes are also divided into:

  • Semi-determinant - includes varieties and hybrids with an intermediate type of branching;
  • Super Determinant - this includes a group of early ripening varieties;
  • Supersuperterminantnye - this includes super early ripening varieties with dwarf growth.

Indeterminant tomato

it tall tomatoes, which should be mechanically limited in growth. Since such a tomato vine grows up to 4 m. Height. But since the warm season is short and the tomatoes above 2 m. The marks do not have time to ripen, then the top is removed at this height.

This type of tomato bush is suitable for the southern regions of Russia.
Indeterminate tomatoes grow in height


These are such industrial varieties of tomatoes, which are grown on large areas for further sale or processing of tomatoes. They do not require a garter, have a thick stalk and the first fruits receive on day 75 after the first shoots of seedlings.

Tomatoes of this type are starting to ripen. already at the end of June.

Standard grades are used for industrial cultivation, they are unpretentious


Tomatoes bush, which at the meter height does not stop and continues to grow. But growth can stop at any time. Grow it two stalksand suitable for greenhouse conditions.

Differences between them

Differences and differences between bushes become noticeable at the stage of growing seedlings. In the indeterminate ones, on the 4th day after peking, the cotyledon knee is clearly visible. Later, when growing a bush, the first ovary of the indeterminate appears above 9 leaves, and the determinant after the 5th leaf plate has the first ovary of a tomato.

Seedlings of determinant varieties in the presence of 5 leaf plates begins to form a floral brush.

Determinate Variety Growth Scheme

The formation of a tomato bush also varies significantly - indeterminate forms in one stem, and determinant varieties in 2-3 stalks.

Indeterminant types are grown in greenhouses, where they produce crops along the entire height of the stem.

Which varieties are better

It is difficult to say which varieties are better and which ones are worse. Everyone chooses not only for their taste, but also for the region of growth. It is also important where the tomato will grow in the open field or greenhouse. Therefore, any type can be useful when growing tomatoes.

On one site can grow different types of tomato.

Advantages and disadvantages of each of these types


pros - early ripening of fruits, high early harvests, friendly return of the crop not stretched in time.

Minuses - The overall yield is lower, because the bush is limited in its growth, you need a lot of mineral dressings to get a big crop, you should stutter strictly once every 10 days, reduced immunity to diseases that affect tomatoes.

The overall yield of determinant varieties is lower than the indeterminate


pros - on a small area a large number of tomatoes are harvested, less exposed to tomato diseases, fruiting is parted for a long period, tomatoes can be removed as early as September, it is convenient to harvest, as they are standing up.

Minuses - we need high supports for the tomato bush, cultivation goes well in the southern regions with a long summer period, carefully remove all stepchildren, forming a bush in only one trunk.


pros - have a low and strong stem that does not require tying up, the root system is located on the surface and well absorbs the food supplied to it as a form of irrigation and mineral fertilizers.

Can be planted quite thickly resistant to temperature and drought, the vegetative mass grows well and does not require additional conditions, the absence of stepsons also simplifies the care of the bushes, the fruits have a long shelf life and tolerate transportation.

Standard varieties are undersized and do not need a garter.

Minuses - there is practically no frequent watering due to the superficial root system.

Choosing which type of bush will be planted on the site, it is important to become well acquainted with both the positive and negative qualities of each type.

What types are suitable for growing at their summer cottage

If there is a greenhouse on the summer cottage with a height of up to 2 m, then it can be planted in indeterminate varieties, and if there is no greenhouse, then it is better to pay attention when choosing a variety to determinant and standard tomatoes.

How to distinguish between plants what kind of

Here are examples, dismantled by the type of bush and belonging to the variety. Actually in appearance it is difficult to distinguish which type the bush belongs to. Since it could deepen before planting or pinch escape. But if the gardener himself acquires seeds, then the package will indicate the type tomato plant.

The type of variety is indicated by the manufacturer on the seed package.

If the seeds were obtained from a neighbor in the dacha, then it is necessary to clarify the name and then look on the Internet or in print media to which type this variety belongs.

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DeterminantRocket, Nevsky, White filling, La La F, Demidov, Honey-sugar, Gina TST.
IndeterminantMiracle of the Earth, Christina Plume, Cherokee, Star Gold, the right size, Cow heart, Marshmallow in chocolate.
StambovShtambovy Buyan, Gavrosh, Far North, Alpha, Antoshka, Merry gnome, Amur shtamb.

All types of tomato bushes are important for cultivation. Some are grown in large areas for commercial purposes; others are grown in a small area for personal use. But all varieties are tasty and necessary for man.