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Proper reproduction of strawberry whiskers step by step


Strawberries are a very tasty dessert and a rather profitable business for modern farmers. Therefore, many are trying to grow it in their own area and are wondering whether strawberries can be propagated with a mustache. Reproduction is possible.

Proper preparation and pruning of strawberry seedlings for breeding

In the first year of the mustache is removed from each bush, and when the fruit ripen, choose strong bushes, which differ in large berries. They are marked to be used for breeding strawberries with a mustache.

Such bushes are called "uterine". The following year, do not allow the appearance of berries on uterine bushes. For this remove all buds before flowering.

The best time for a transplant is spring and early summer. Within a month, a mustache will appear on the mother bushes, on which sockets will be tied. Large sockets, located next to the mother bush, have extensive roots and are used to breed seedlings and to make strawberries to multiply.

For breeding large outlets are used, located next to the parent bush

The remaining whiskers are not used for further reproduction, so they cut with sharp scissorsby making an oblique cut. Often it is necessary to remove the mustache several times per season.

You can not separate a mustache with a strong rosette from the uterine bush.

Mustache breeding methods

Strawberry Breeding Options:

  1. With the use of cups (pots).
  2. Landing on the beds.

How to multiply pots

It is necessary:

  • Prepare small cups (pots). Fill with fertilizer.
  • Plant the outlet in the pot. Seedlings are left on the plot 1/3 of the height buried in the soil.
  • Scion watered daily. Ensure that no puddles appear.
Breeding pots

How to breed in the garden

  1. Prepare the ground. Put peat and sawdust on the bed - fertilizers for strawberries.
  2. Pin the sockets to the ground, bury in the plowed soil. In this case, the tail will be visible in the soil, and the socket - above the ground.
  3. Water and follow the other seedlings.
Ready seedlings are dug, if necessary, along with an earthy clod and placed in cups.

The right time to trim and repot mustache

A couple of weeks before planting, they cut the whiskers that connect the socket to the mother bush. Young plants will begin to eat at the expense of their own roots. Separate the outlet from the main bush on time otherwise yields are reduced.

Also cut off the infected and damaged leaves. If a young plant fades, it is shaded and watered so that it begins to feed on its own.

Plants are transplanted into the open ground. after they take root. With early planting, the plants will get stronger by the winter, and the root system will become branched and powerful, which will allow us to winter.

Sometimes by the middle of summer in June the right amount of mustache does not grow for transplantation. Then the shoots to propagate harvested throughout the season. But we must not forget that it is better to take such mustaches and transplant them to a permanent place in early autumn. no later than September, because the bushes, planted later, will not survive the winter.

Strawberries are planted in the ground after the seedlings take root

How to properly cut

Mandatory rules:

  1. Mustache trimmed in dry, sunny weather. It is advisable to do pruning in the morning or evening in spring or summer.
  2. For cutting use garden sharp scissors or a small shears, cut off at a distance 10 centimeters from the mother bush.

What make mistakes

  1. Circumcision is carried out in rainy spring or in hot sunny time. In hot weather, plants are prone to disease. In wet weather, the risk of a fungal and bacterial infection through the cut increases.
  2. Short trim the mustache. Leads to drying out.
  3. Tear off mustache. Together with the tendril, you can completely remove the plant or partially tear off delicate roots.

Rules for trimming mustache

Breeding rules step by step:

    • The bed should be located on a flat area, there may be a slight slope facing south-west. There should be no trees near. Strawberry is a photophilous plant, with a small amount of sunlight, the berries will be small and savory.
    • Use the soil, which included a lot of sand. Clayey soil will cause bogging, leading to rotting of the roots.
    • Before planting, remove the weeds with rhizome. If the plot is not cleaned, it will affect the quality of the growth of strawberries and crops.
    • Dig the earth to depth 25 centimeters
    • It is necessary to plant bushes on a bed in wet weather.
    • Width beds approximately 1 meter.

Use single-line or two-line method of disembarkation:

    • Single line - lines (beds) are at a distance of 60-80 centimeters from each other, and bushes in the beds - at a distance of 15-20 centimeters.
    • Two-line - the distance between the beds of 60-80 centimeters, and the gap between plants - 20-40 centimeters.
  • Water the land before planting strawberries and after. The soil should always be wet.
  • In one row to land no more than 2 strawberry varieties.
  • Seedlings of several varieties placed in rows - -1-3 rows of each variety.
It is necessary to water the land before and after planting strawberries
When planting seedlings "heart" should be at ground level. If it is lower, the plant will begin to rot, and higher, it will dry out or freeze.

To understand whether the strawberry bush is planted correctly, need a little pull. When properly planted, the plant is not pulled out.

  • When planting seedlings use about 0.5-0.7 liters of water per seedling. Then, for two weeks, irrigate the seedlings 2-3 times a day, after which they reduce watering in 1-2 days. Watering is carried out on the furrows.
  • Need loosening. It allows moisture to stay better in the ground and promotes aeration of the root system, prevents the appearance of a crust on the ground. Hard ground is first watered plentifully, and only then loosened. When loosening can spud up a little seedling.
  • 3-4 weeks after planting strawberries need to inspect seedlings. Upon detection of dead or wilted plants, their remove and plant new ones instead.
  • Weed regularly.
  • For winter landing warmed. Pine needles are used, it passes air well and protects from frost.

Growing strawberries is not a difficult process, the main thing is to follow the basic rules. It is necessary to choose the mother bushes correctly, prepare seedlings, trim the mustache in a timely manner, prepare the soil well, remove and remove weeds, feed and follow the instructions.

Provide ongoing care for both outlets and seedlings throughout the summer season. And then it will be possible to achieve good fruiting and harvest a rich harvest.